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  1. Dear Reader, I am a student at Lake Superior State University in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. My sequence stratigraphy class is using the Rock Works program to map out some of the oil and gas fields in the Powder River Basin. We have been having a great deal of difficulty determining how to go about applying sequence stratigraphic concepts to this program. One of the main difficulties seems to lie in plotting gamma log data between wells. Density Log information plots beautifully. To officially state my first question, can the program convert P-data into lithologic or stratigraphic data, or do the lithologic and stratigraphic boundaries need to be determined independently by the program user? We also have a problem with converting our latitude and longitude coordinate data into the required UTM format. We have followed the instruction manual and the process either results in a response of zero for UTM, no response at all, or it proceeds to change the coordinate data for all of the other wells. Outside sources have been able to do this successfully, however at a great cost to project time. Any response or suggestions as to how these individual issues can be resolved, or some general information regarding how to tackle the project will be greatly appreciated by both the instructor and the students.
  2. I am in need of someone to describe the process by which outcrop data can be entered along with borehole data. I also need to be able to correlate between beds in outcrop and beds in subsurface. Help on this matter would be much appreciated.
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