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  1. maybe i don't explained you well, React doesn't give me a diagram. I need that the Diagrams that i make with act2 have to consider for water in the sistem that particular water. thanks for your help and for your time. Fabio
  2. Hi Tom, I'm still working on my datas and i need another help. I would try to modelling my phases with a particular carbonatic water and I have chemical analysis of this water what can I do? this is my analysis: T °C 15,0 pH 7,0 CE us/cm 524,0 TDS ppm 346,4 CO2 ppm 15,2 H2S+S ppm 0,5 SiO2 ppm 31,2 Na ppm 19,3 K ppm 10,6 Li ppm 0,0 NH4 ppm 0,0 Ca ppm 67,4 Mg ppm 18,0 Sr ppm 0,2 Cl ppm 33,9 SO4 ppm 21,8 HCO3 ppm 269,9 How can I insert it in my system? I have to modify the database for H2O? please guide me step by step thank you for your time
  3. hi, i swapped quartz for SiO2 but I need a higher silica activity, how i can make It? considering Amourfous for SiO2 would be great for me, but Can you explain me how to set the silica activity value (10 or higher for example)? thank you
  4. Hi, I`m trying to work but I need to insert other three phases, I`m calculating logK but I don`t understand reactions, can you help me? I`m sending a file in which I put your chabazite (working) and my other three phases. Thank you adding_3_phases.zip
  5. thank you and please If you can guide me step by step Thermo_mod2_2.zip
  6. hi, I`m still having problems with the database, this my modified database Chabazite type= silica formula= Ca2Al2Si4O12:6H2O mole vol.= 200.202 cc mole wt.= 416.4200 g 6 species in reaction 11.000 H2O 1.000 Ca++ 2.000 Al+++ 4.000 SiO2(aq) -11.000 H+ -1.000 OH- -3.3630 -3.0810 -2.7573 -2.4617 -2.1708 -1.9414 -1.7559 -1.6027 but when I charge it don`t works. can you suggets any corrections? I want to buy this software for my university but I need absolutely to make it work. thank you for your help
  7. this my modified themro database thank you thermo_mod2.txt
  8. I think that I`m having too many problems. Let me start again from beginning. I have 3 mineral phases (Analcime, Phillipsite and Chabazite). I inserted Phillipsite and Chabazite in database. I have to describe which is the stability of those mineral phases (in only one diagram) with 4 different Temperature 110 deg C (120 - 130 - 140) at the same pressure. I have only chemical composition of all minerals. first question: I need other chemical datas? my diagram would be: x axis: log ((aK+)^2/aCa2+) : y axis: log ((aNa+)2/aCa2+) please can you give me some instructions? Thanks for any help You can give me.
  9. Hi thanks for your help, at first I have version 6 of gwb, and I try to explain what I have to do. I` have to do activity diagrams for 5 mineral phases, for this reason I need activity coefficient for these phases, i read tha I can use RXN to calculate activity coefficient, but there aren`t my minerals in rxn, how I can insert them? thanks for your help
  10. Hi to all I`m a european researcher and I`m at Indiana University in USA, so I need a help to use gwb standard, this is the first time that i use it and I`ve to make activity diagrams about some minerals and a fluid. Please can you help me? I don`t know which module i have to use, I think Act2 but I don`t know. Many thanks
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