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  1. Hi Dave: Thanks for the feedback. Do you have a recommendation for how the exchange composition should be specified? Regards, Tom
  2. Hi Dave: Two ways to do this: 1. Set a non-reactive rock volume using the inert variable (Config - Variables menu). GWB will convert the volume to rock mass using a standard rock density of 2.65 g/cm3. 2. Define a reactive mineral mass either in your Basis setup, or make sure one precipitates during the course of a reaction path model. GWB will exchange mass between rock and fluid independent of mineral composition. That is, minerals that are not clays will exchange with the fluid if they are present in the system. If you are using ionex.dat as a database template, GWB assumes that the sorbed cations are all Na+ cations. You can change this by re-writing the dataset. Refer to the instructions in ionex.dat for more detail. Hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  3. This thread was concluded and resolved here....
  4. Hi Meghan: Your single script does not balance for charge, while your Tcl script does. If you remove the line... balance on Cl- ..from the Tcl script, the output matches that of the initial script. Regards, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  5. Hi Denis: Glad to hear it. For a list of parameters, functions and BASIC syntex available via custom kinetics refer to pages 54-58 in the v8 Reaction Modeling Guide. Happy modeling, Tom
  6. Hi Meghan: I believe the problem is that the default concentration units for the Tcl script input files are mg/kg (see the Multiple Analyses appendix in the v7 Reference manual). So you'll need to convert. Let me know if that resolves the issue. Regards, Tom
  7. Hi Meghan: Your jarosite script calls 'jarosite.txt' as input file- would you mind attaching this? Regards, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  8. Hi Denis: If you attach your React script, .bas file and thermo database I can take a look (or email to me if you need to keep it proprietary). By the way, while (1-Q/K) can take on a negative value, Q/K cannot. So you'll need to fix this in your script at a minimum... Regards, Tom
  9. Nikolay: In running the model without Na-Montmor, but plotting its saturation state, it looks like the mineral is perfectly saturated over the course of the simulation, so there is no thermodynamic drive for a kinetic reaction to proceed. Additionally, none of your kinetic reactions appear to be occurring to any extent over the simulation time you have set, so I wonder if they're necessary at all.... Hope that helps, Tom
  10. Hi Denis: Thanks for posting to the forum. Can you tell me what version of the Reaction Modeling Guide you are looking at? Because p. 61 of the v8 manual shows something different than what you are describing. I think the last time we spoke you sent me a script where you were using a combination of a custom rate law and a built-in rate law, and thus your critical saturation index (CSI) of zero was being ignored. So the solution would be to use a script which sets an explicit CSI. I hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  11. Great to hear it- glad that it's resolved. Tom
  12. Hi Nikolay: I'd start by reducing your component set to the ones that are absolutely necessary for modeling the reaction you are interested in modeling. You have a 30-component model, which will yield large matrices and more than likely cause convergence issues as you add kinetics data in. Hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  13. Hi Nikolay: You need to first extract the file from the zip file, and then right click on the .ttf file. Regards, Tom
  14. Nikolay: Looks like this is not an actual installer. I have attached the font file in a zip file. Place this on your hard drive, right click on the file, and choose the install option. Let me know if this resolves the issue. Regards, Tom GWBSymbol.zip
  15. Hi Nikolay: After talking with the developers, I realize we no longer put separate copies of the font directory on the installation CD. It is actually wrapped up in the installer executable. In all our tests here, the fonts installed just fine. It is critical that you reboot after installation (and in your case, re-installation)- did you reboot, and if so, did that fix the issue? If not, I'll send you a copy of the font installer. Regards, Tom
  16. Hi Nikolay: Please see my response to your scatter data post, as the fix should be the same for the GSS launch issue. We are looking into the installer for 8.0.9 to see if there are any issues we need to address. Hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  17. Hi Nikolay: The scatter data loads fine for me. The problem is that the GWBSymbol.ttf font was not installed correctly on your computer. Please manually navigate to the font directory on the installation CD, right click on GWBSymbol.ttf and click install. This should fix the GSS launch problem as well. Please let me know if this addresses both issues. Regards, Tom
  18. Hi Nikolay: It may be an installation issue- I've had one other user report this same error, which went away after re-installation. Would you mind attaching a screenshot of the error. Also, can you uninstall and reinstall and tell me if the problem goes away? Regards, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  19. Hi Dave: This sounds like a problem with the GWB fonts not being installed on your Mac desktop. The fonts are not embedded in the image files you mention. GWBSymbol.ttf is found in the font folder of your installation CD, and is freely distributable, however, I would be surprised if it installed properly on Mac. You are welcome to try it though... Hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  20. Dear GWB users: Over the years, the 10-seat annual GWB Standard classroom license has been highly popular among our academic users. We are now extending the classroom license to the Essentials and Professional versions. If you currently own an academic license for GWB Essentials, Standard or Professional v8, you are now eligible to purchase an annual 10-seat classroom license of the same kind for only $200, with the following stipulations: The license must be installed on 10 computers in the same labroom/classroom The classroom license can only be used for classroom purposes, not for research The license can be renewed annually provided the faculty keeps their personal license current with the latest GWB version When you order a classroom license we do not ship any materials- you'll use your personal license installation files, and we'll issue 1-year FlexLM license files for each computer (or for the governing server). Feel free to contact me with any questions. Regards, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  21. Hi Bob: The cutoff command does not support arguments beyond a numerical value- just constrain the variable in terms of the same units carried for the reactant. I hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  22. Hi T.C. It still did not attach... Perhaps email it to me? Regards, Tom
  23. Hi Amy: The boxes work as follows: Treat zero values as no data: if checked, values are ignored if left unchecked, a zero value is used Treat less than values as no data: if checked, values are ignored if left unchecked, the value after the '<' symbol is used, as with unit conversion. For instance, if value is '<.1', then a value of .1 is used. You can always check how the calculation is going to proceed by choosing the same options in the Analysis - Launch feature, and seeing how the data are actually entered within the SpecE8 module. I hope that helps, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  24. Hi: Can you email me a screenshot of the error message when you open both Act2 and a second module? Regards, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
  25. Tom Meuzelaar

    Problem with GSS

    Hi Amy: Your post today reminded me that we have fixed the previous error- the fix is available in patch 8.0.9, which was released last week. It can be downloaded here. Regards, Tom Meuzelaar RockWare, Inc.
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