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  1. hi, I need to evaporate(remove) water without removing primary species in toughreact. I tried with GENER -ve flux(WATE) but italso removing primary species...can any one help me to setup this problem
  2. i need to mention an inactive element in toughreact.. can any one tell me how to mention... ie no reaction should happen in that element. surya
  3. hi i want to inject moist air to an lelement. first i tried with GENER function but through this function we cannot mention humidty. i think we can only insert dry air with GENER. can any one tell me hoW to inject moist air... surya
  4. hi, i am working on acid rock drainage.. i am trying to mention an element as permeable to air only ie it should not be permeable to water... can any one know how to deal this problem surya