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  1. In the pick up reactants command do you recommend picking up the entire system? When I pick up the entire system the minerals do not show up... thanks
  2. I am trying to model reflux dolomite. I first mix seawater with aragonite and calcite. I want know to pick up the results of that model and mix them with a new fluid (in the basis) I am not sure how to do this second part.
  3. I have created a quite complex 2D mesh in petrasim that has different layers. I need to assign properties to the cells. Is there a way to select a group of cells at one time and assign the same properties to all the cells?
  4. Tom, thank you. In order to do #2 would you run the model without the kinetic to equilibrate it. then pick up the fluids and interact it with the rocks again??? The kinetic rates are a problem because there is limited info. since it is always assumed that they are at local equilibrium.
  5. I am trying to model the modern carbonate banks by mixing modern seawater composition with aragonite and calcite. The results I am getting are not what we see in modern carboante banks. I am using calcite kinetic rates for both calcite and aragonite. One problem that I have is that all the kinetic rates are in mole/m2 s and surface area in m2/g. In react all units are in cm2. If I don't change the units the model runs but is not realistic if I convert the units the model does not converge. The expected results should be the precipitation of dolomite and anhydrite and calcite dissolution. Thanks
  6. I am trying to run a kinetic model but I am a little bit confused. When I run react my model produces certain minerals, now for the second step I want to put kinetics to see if those minerals will indeed precipitate in the long run. Do I need to put those minerals in my reactant pannel and put a small volume. I would appreciate any help. thanks
  7. what does the © in FeO© stand for?
  8. Rosario

    mixing fluids

    I am trying to mix seawater with a well water in react, how do you go about it?
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