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  1. varying inputs

    I am trying to equilibrate "pure" water with basaltic rock that is also in equilibrium with a martian atmosphere. I have attached a script that converges fine, but when I try to vary the CO2 log fugacity (from -.28 to .022) the file won't converge and I am not sure why. Also, I would like to add a fixed fugacity of SO2(g) to my model and understand that the "thermo" database doesn't include SO2(g). Would you reccommend that I copy the values for SO2 from the "v8.r6+" database? Shergotty_purewater.rea
  2. pressure ?

    Is there a way to control pressure in REACT? For example, could I model water-rock reactions on Mars with an atmospheric pressure of only 6 millibars? Or does pressure not have the great of an effect? Thanks, any insight would be helpful.
  3. Exporting and editing GTplot

    Yes, thank you! That does answer my question and will save me a lot of time!
  4. I see that in GWB Essentials 7.0 it says that I can copy my plot and paste it into MS Excel and the numerical values of the data points will appear in spreadsheet format. However, I can paste the plot, but no data appears. I am running version 6.0 of GWB. Does this version not export the data? Also, I am not able to right or left click on the axes to edit. Is my GTPLOT not running correctly, or do I need an updated version to export and edit? Thanks for any advice!
  5. Hi. I am attempting to simulate the mixing of two fluids (hydrothermal water and groundwater). When I plot the results, I would like to see concentration of species v. ratio of fluids. Is there a way to do this on GWB? I am able to plot species concentrations as a function of temperature, but it would be much more helpful to know the hydrothermal/groundwater ratio. Thanks in advance for any help/advice.