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  1. RockPlot3D makes tradeoffs in memory usage to speed up performance. If you have many dense surfaces or models it will indeeed require alot of memory. Consider increasing the cell spacing for your grids and models. Mitch
  2. Fixed the import of Shape files containg PolylineZ and PolygonZ data with multiple parts. (outdated link removed)
  3. Header/Footer Patterns could cause LogView to lock up while displaying a log. (outdated link removed) Mitch
  4. Mitch

    3D ribbons

    At this point there isn't any distance filter for Solid Modeling but if you're only interested in a ribbon through the model it may not make a difference. You could increase the Horizontal Weighting Exponent in the Inverse Distance Weighting algorithm. Another option would be to run your model through the Solid/Filter/Distance Filter. One other technique that would be to first create your model based on G value, then create a model based on the Distance To Point (D2P) algorithm. You could then convert the D2P model into a boolean model and use that modify your G value model with Solid/Math. Mitch Wolberg, RockWare, Inc.
  5. True Vertical Depth Scale Bars were adding incorrect labels and tick marks when the inclination was past horizontal.
  6. By default the font size is a percentage of the XYZ diagonal of the project area. You can change this to the XY Diagonal or manually specify a size in the Configuation / Preferences / Diagram Scaling. The problem that you may be having is that your sections are a different length and therefore scaled differently on the screen. If you use a standard scale when priting your logs and text will all be the consistently sized. If you're dealing with several different project areas at the same time you may want to use the User Defined project size to keep the sizes consistent. Mitch
  7. LogPlot 2005.1.33.37 * Vertical log body lines and header lines were not being shifted correctly in the LogDesigner. LogPlot 2005.1.33.37 LogView 2005.1.8.9 * Due to differences between US and International versions of Windows files with a space in the name or path would cause an Access Violation when double clicking in the LogPlot and LogView File Open dialog or an "Inavlid Parameter" error when opening a file from the Windows Explorer.
  8. LogPlot 2005.1.32.36 LogView 2005.1.7.8 * Some printer and pdf drivers were having difficulty plotting patterns without any line segments.
  9. Improved the import of older Rockplot Rkw files so that pattern and color fills are correctly displayed.
  10. * Numbers in the Setup section of the editor weren't being transferred to the Compile dialog correctly if they were not in standard US number format. * An "Out of Resources" error was occuring when creating the Preview image for very long or wide LogDesign (LDF) files.
  11. The Horizontal Panels method now works correctly.
  12. We've recently learned that the old work horse, Epson Stylus 1520, has been discontinued. Thia was a relatively inexpensive printer that was popular for long logs and very reliable thanks to its tractor feed for paper with perforations. Here's a list of printers and plotters that have been reccomended in the past and I'm not certain of how many are still available. Epson Stylus 925 Photo Epson Stylus Photo 1270 Epson Stylus Photo 1280 Epson Stylus Color 3000 HP Designjet Plotters HP Officejet D145 So what are you using and do you like it?
  13. Changed the way the Snap Grid is drawn to allow very long pages (>120") without encountering "Out of Resource" errors and to reduce the memory requirements. Modified the Import DBF dialog so that the selected data grid fields are corrrectly displayed for mapping to the DBF.
  14. Oops, sorry about that. I thought you were trying to create new correlations. Take a look at Stratigraphy / Section where you have the choice of using point to point or interpolated surface for the correlations.
  15. Hole to Hole Section is still there, its now named "Multi-Log Section" on the menu. As a matter of fact the option dialog is still title "Hole to Hole". You should also check out the "Pick Contacts" option under Stratigraphy which allows you to graphically select your correlations. Mitch
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