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  1. How is your Northing entered in LogPlot? What Coordinate System are you using in your RockWorks project? It always helps to have an actual file that causes the error.
  2. Latitude Longitude Format

    It sounds like you have the Long/Lat entered on the Other Coordinate Projections but haven't converted them to your Project Coordinate System (UTM). There's a "To Easting/Northing" button on the Other Coordinate Projections tab where you can do them one at a time or go to Edit/Coordinate Converter (to Easting/Northing) to convert all your boreholes.
  3. Hmm, looks like you have the Symbol column selected for your G-Value. Without seeing your data I'd suspect that's the problem.
  4. The AutoCAD Hatch Patterns are done in a completely different way and can't be translated. RockWare patterns use a collection of lines, polylines, polygons and circles to create a pattern while AutoCAD uses a geometry description. If the MicroStation hatches are defined in a similar manner to AutoCAD then the same problem will exist.
  5. Exporting 3D solid model voxel information

    No, the solid models are just xyzg data. You can calculate the corners from the node spacing data. If you tell us how you would use this information we can make some suggestions.
  6. Lineation Gridding

    Hi Isabella, I was able to create a lineation grid and map in RockWorks 17 but I suspect your problem has to do with your output settings. You have end points in degrees, your midpoints in local coordinates (from 0,0 degrees) and I have no idea what you Project or Output settings are. I'd suggest converting your coordinates to your project coordinate system and scanning to make sure that your lines fall withing the output coordinates. Use Coords/Coordinate Converter (Multiple Points) and then use Scan Datasheet. Mitch
  7. If you haven't received your confirmation email please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.
  8. To insure that we keep spammers and other riffraff out of our forums we manually check every new applicant. Unfortunately this may lead to delays of a day or more after the initial application. We wish this wasn't necessary but past experience has proven otherwise. Thank you for your interest, Mitch Wolberg
  9. dxf export error

    Hi Allison, it would help us figure out what went wrong if you'd send your 2D Striplog (Rw2D file) with a description of the problem to our [email protected] email. Also include which version of RockWorks you are using. Thanks, Mitch Wolberg
  10. Latitude Longitude Format

    Hi Pat, first of all it would help to know whether you're creating the map in the Utilities from a Data Sheet or from the Borehole Manager. In the Borehole Manager the Project Dimensions can either be in Local, State Plane or UTM coordinates entered in meters or feet. You can enter Longitude Latitude in the Other Coordinate Projections but you still need to convert them to the Project Coordinate system. If you're using the Spreadsheet you need to make sure that you assign the Coordinate Columns to XY Coordinate/Decimal Degrees. You can do this by right clicking on the header line of the spreadsheet. Mitch
  11. P-Data Modeling

    Sorry, I didn't understand your original question but you can use Polygon Clipping to do what you wanted. You can make a Polygon in RockPlot2D and save that as to a Polygon Table (select the polygon, right click, and click on Save To Polygon table). Not sure I understand your second question.
  12. P-Data Modeling

    In all solid models you can specify Superface and Subface clipping. The surfaces can either be be generated automatically or use a predetermined surface. To see the options select Solid Modeling Options and then select Superface or Superface from the Additional options on the right. From the Utilities tab go to Grid/ Import. We support the ESRI AsciiGrid format.
  13. How to show a sloping hole on Rockwork?

    Enter your orientation data on the Orientation tab. See DH-02 or DH-12 in the Samples project for examples.
  14. Export 3D P-Data Model to View outside of Rockworks

    Currently we export to DXF and 3D Shape files. From DXF you can export to various 3D formats in AutoCAD or using web services (Google DXF to ?). I didn't find any conversions from Shape file but if you have a specific output format a search might turn something up. One additional export is to Google Earth (KMZ) . If you unzip the KMZ file you'll find it's made up of 1 or more Collada files (DAE) that can be imported into a few programs.
  15. This will take a bit to repair and test, I suggest going back to the previous build: 64 bit: https://www.rockware.com/assets/products/176/product_demo/243/logplot8_64_installation.exe 32 bit: https://www.rockware.com/assets/products/176/product_demo/242/logplot8_installation.exe Sorry for the inconvenience. Mitch
  16. >>1. Make sure that Excel is not in edit mode, close Excel and let RockWorks open the selected file. >>2. Did you try and import the same Excel file into 15 and 17? Please let me know if you tried item 1 and answer question 2.
  17. Make sure that Excel is not in edit mode, close Excel and let RockWorks open the selected file. Did you try and import the same Excel file into 15 and 17? What version of MS Office are you using and is it the 32 or 64 bit version?
  18. Importing excel sheet

    In the Borehole Manager go to File/Import/Excel menu. You'll find it just above the borehole list.
  19. RockWorks17 2017.6.1

    Hi Rudy, its a problem with the focus. When the RockPlot3D window is embedded in the menus dialog there are a lot of controls competing for the focus. Try clicking on the scene tree or in the zoom combo box and then use your mouse wheel.
  20. Creating Rotated Text in ReportWorks

    Sorry but ReportWorks doesn't support rotated text. I'll add that capability to the new features list.
  21. LogPlot 2017.5.16

    + Scalebars that had orientations inclined upward didn't plot correctly. + The Absolute Depth Scalebar Type was plotting negative depths. + Changed the Scalebar Type "Depth" to "Negative Depth" and "Absolute Depth" to "Positive Depth".
  22. Rockworks 3D module question

    Sorry fro the delay in getting back to you. To get the transparency to work I'd use the Utilities/Imagery/vertical (Images -> 3D Panels) program to get the images into RockPlot3D. See the Vertical_Images_to_3d.rwDat file for an example. You can then export the scene from RockPlot3D to Google Earth and the transparency will work.
  23. LogPlot 2017.4.26

    New versions of LogPlot8 (32-bit and 64-bit) were uploaded to the RockWare website today with the following bug fix: + The Fillbar keywords were not matching the data when they were displayed over several pages.
  24. LogPlot 2017.4.24

    New versions of LogPlot8 (32-bit and 64-bit) were uploaded to the RockWare website today with the following bug fix: + The Header Legend linked to Histogram now lines up correctly in the compiled log. + The Edit and Static Note borders now plot the correct width in the Log Designer.
  25. Rockworks 3D module question

    The RockPlot3D export does require a triangle mesh but you can use the Utilities/Google Earth Apps to create scenes in in Google Earth. You can either display the lines directly or create an image and display as a vertical panel.