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  1. * RockPlot2D was sometimes applying an offset when pasting from another form. * The Scientific Notation option was being ignored for Color Legends using Custom Tables.
  2. That option doesn't appear to be working right now. It should be an easy fix. I'll let you know what I find.
  3. So use the same .tab file in an Index Legend in RockPlot2D. You'll have to add after the diagram has been created.
  4. Polygon Filter

    Hi Terry, in the Utilities(Solid/Filters) there's a polygon filter that you can apply after creating your lithology model. Mitch
  5. Rockworks in Windows 8

    We've installed and run RockWorks 15 on Windows 8 without any difficulty though we haven't done extensive testing.
  6. 1. Changes were made to the Borehole Survey program in the Borehole Manager so that the results would match the same data in the Utilities Borehole Survey. 2. The Borehole Survey program now automatically adjusts the Azimuth of any initial vertical surveys to match the first non-vertical survey. This prevents the program from doing twisting the azimuth as it approaches the non-vertical surveys points.
  7. You'll need to create a custom table to show a logarithmic scale. The easiest way would be to create anew table and use the Palette function in the table editor to create the colors and then edit the values for the cycles you want.
  8. Hi Lara, the problem is that the tables used in RockPlot2D have no implicit order and are always sorted from low (top) to high (bottom). In RockPlot3D your using a tab file and the order is set by the order in the file so all you need to do is reverse the order in your tab file so that the order is the same as in RockPlot2D,
  9. Fixes: * Unsaved LogView windows weren't giving a Close warning when the LogPlot was closing. * Changed the Automatic Logarithmic Scaling for Curves and Cross Plots to 3 cycles. * The Cross Plot Curve dialog wasn't updating the Min/Max values when Logarithmic scaling was selected. * The Header Legend wasn't using the Automatic scaling values for Curve and Cross Plot minimum/maximum values. * The Value Grid wasn't using the Automatic scaling values for Curve and Cross Plot minimum/maximum values. * The Automatic Scaling option for Cross Plot Curves was defaulting to the manual settings. New Features: * Added a Bring To Front option to the popup menu in the Log Designer. * Added Bring To Front and Send To Back buttons to the Entity List.
  10. RockPlot3D Export

    Sorry but OpenGL only renders to a bitmap. EMF files only support 2D coordinates so anything exported would not be very useful. That's why it was necessary to write our own exports for DXF and Shape files but they are limited to triangles.
  11. RockPlot3D Export

    Sorry, I'm not at work so I can't check on 2006 but DXF and Shape exports are available in RockPlot3D15. You can download a copy of RP3D15 fronm our website and it should read the older r3d files.
  12. Map DXF file

    RockWorks does have a limited DXF import that includes LINE, LWPOLYLINE, POLYLINE, MTEXT and TEXT. If your DXF includes blocks they must first be exploded before importing into RockPlot 2D or 3D.
  13. Hi Lara, I just uploaded a new version to fix that problem.
  14. turn off cage outline on 3D model display

    Thanks Julia, that's exactly what it is.
  15. * Stratigraphy and Lithology text outlines in deviated 2D logs are now drawn curved. * Custom colors in the Pattern Picker are now saved. * The ModFlow Path Import into the Utilities spreadsheet now looks for multiple space delimiters.
  16. Saving custom colors?

    We're working on it and I'll let you know when we've got it fixed.
  17. Saving custom colors?

    Sorry for the delay. The new version is now available.
  18. * Custom Color settings in the Pattern Selection dialog are now correctly remembered between sessions.
  19. Saving custom colors?

    This turned out to be a bug in our code that has now been fixed. Due to the upcoming long weekend I'd rather not post it right away. If you need this fix before Monday let me know and I can email you the new version.
  20. * Borehole Curves resampled using the Spline method sometimes added anomalous points.
  21. This will have to wait until the next new version of LogPlot.
  22. LogPlot

    * The bottom line of column outlines was being clipped when exported as single page raster file formats. * Tadpole dip data wasn't being correctly filtered when read directly from the data file in batch compiling.
  23. Legend change layout when compiling

    It does plot the line differently depending on whether it's based on a Curve or a Crossplot. I'm making a few changes today that should be posted either this afternoon or tomorrow morning and I'll include this.
  24. Legend change layout when compiling

    It's hard to tell from a picture but it does appear that the affected Legend has slightly taller dimension then the others. It would probably help if you included the LDFX file.
  25. Combining multiple LogPlots in ReportWorks

    The best way is to generate the logs as bitmaps, PNG files are probably your best bet. If you don't want header or footers turn off that information when compiling the logs. When exporting the logs you should choose the option to export the entire log in 1 file. Use the Raster Tool in ReportWorks to add and place the logs. This is a manual process that will take some time to do. You may want to consider RockWorks which will allow you to generate cross sections and profiles much easier if you'll be doing a lot of these.