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  1. Hi Lara, I just uploaded a new version to fix that problem.
  2. turn off cage outline on 3D model display

    Thanks Julia, that's exactly what it is.
  3. * Stratigraphy and Lithology text outlines in deviated 2D logs are now drawn curved. * Custom colors in the Pattern Picker are now saved. * The ModFlow Path Import into the Utilities spreadsheet now looks for multiple space delimiters.
  4. Saving custom colors?

    We're working on it and I'll let you know when we've got it fixed.
  5. Saving custom colors?

    Sorry for the delay. The new version is now available.
  6. * Custom Color settings in the Pattern Selection dialog are now correctly remembered between sessions.
  7. Saving custom colors?

    This turned out to be a bug in our code that has now been fixed. Due to the upcoming long weekend I'd rather not post it right away. If you need this fix before Monday let me know and I can email you the new version.
  8. * Borehole Curves resampled using the Spline method sometimes added anomalous points.
  9. This will have to wait until the next new version of LogPlot.
  10. LogPlot

    * The bottom line of column outlines was being clipped when exported as single page raster file formats. * Tadpole dip data wasn't being correctly filtered when read directly from the data file in batch compiling.
  11. Legend change layout when compiling

    It does plot the line differently depending on whether it's based on a Curve or a Crossplot. I'm making a few changes today that should be posted either this afternoon or tomorrow morning and I'll include this.
  12. Legend change layout when compiling

    It's hard to tell from a picture but it does appear that the affected Legend has slightly taller dimension then the others. It would probably help if you included the LDFX file.
  13. Combining multiple LogPlots in ReportWorks

    The best way is to generate the logs as bitmaps, PNG files are probably your best bet. If you don't want header or footers turn off that information when compiling the logs. When exporting the logs you should choose the option to export the entire log in 1 file. Use the Raster Tool in ReportWorks to add and place the logs. This is a manual process that will take some time to do. You may want to consider RockWorks which will allow you to generate cross sections and profiles much easier if you'll be doing a lot of these.
  14. Combining multiple LogPlots in ReportWorks

    Can you explain what your problems you're having? If it's a visual problem it would probably help to attach a screen shot.
  15. * Tadpoles in 2D logs became distorted with applied vertical exaggeration. To maintain the correct azimuth the Intended Vertical Exaggeration must be set before plotting.
  16. Autocad patterns in Rockworks 15?

    Sorry but AutoCAD hatch patterns use a very different scheme for patterns that we haven't been able to transfer, though we primarily were looking at the RockWorks to AutoCAD. Symbols wouldn't be that difficult to import from a DXF but nobody has ever asked for that capability before.
  17. * Bitmap Symbols in the Log Body weren't being clipped correctly. * The color and style of the contact line weren't always being honored.
  18. Rockworks upgrade: version 16?

    Sorry but there's nothing to report at this time. We'll let you know when we know. For now you can assume upgrade pricing won't be very different from past upgrades.
  19. DXF files and project dimensions.

    After you've loaded the file into RockPlot2D you'll find a Rescale option under the Utilities menu. You can either rescale by the Diagram Extents or by a known origin and scale.
  20. Displaying Lithology Logs in 3D

    Your Project Dimesnions are just representing how close together your boreholes are. Changing the Project Dimensions won't solve anything. Are those the actual locations of your boreholes? They appear to be less than 10 units apart. If those are the correct locations you might try is to use a Vertical Exaggeration that is less than 1 to stretch the scene horizontally.
  21. Import LAS Lithology

    LogPlot only supports up to Version 2.0 of LAS. The 3.0 version is much more flexible and can support other data types (eg. Lithology) but it's this flexibility that makes it difficult to work with. Keep in mind that these are text file files and you can use a text editor to copy and paste blocks of data perhaps with a stop in Excel if some additional formatting is required.
  22. Create a KMZ file

    I forgot most people can't show the hidden folders and files since that's the first thing I turn off on a new computer. It would be good idea to add a method for adding user icons, I'll add it to the wish list. We've got a lot more tools coming for Google Earth in the next version. Check out the RockWare YouTube Channel if you want a preview.
  23. Create a KMZ file

    Perhaps the name of that property is misleading. It allows you to specify an icon from our library in the Icon Number column in your spreadsheet. You can add your icon to the RockWare library by navigating to C:\Users\<YOU>\AppData\Local\RockWare\RasterSymbols and adding your file as a Window's Bitmap (bmp) with a Width and Height of 64 pixels and a Color Depth of 8 bits.
  24. * The fix for poorly blended text caused problems with transparency.
  25. * Some ATI Video card drivers were blending 3D text with the background which made it difficult to see. The text for Hardware Acceleration is now black on these cards. If you need colored text you'll need to switch to Software Rendering. * The horizontal scale bars on Profiles didn't always correctly label the XY coordinates depending on which direction they were drawn.