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  1. Multiple polygon import

    The Multi-Polygon List is used in the 2D and 3D Compute Grade-Thickness Volume & Mass programs in the Utilities Volumetrics menu. It would probably help if we knew more about what you're trying to do. Mitch
  2. Multiple polygon import

    Did you know that in Rockplot2D you can select a polygon and convert it to a polygon table by right clicking? From there its easy then to create a multi-polygon table. Mitch Wolberg RockWare, Inc.
  3. * Changed the maximum length for Windows Meta Files (wmf) and adjusted the output based on the Windows pixels per inch settings. * Changing the output page length from the Compile Log dialog wasn't updating the page length for the Fit to Page calculation.
  4. and of course it continues to work with 10.2
  5. * When compiling a log directly from a file (Project Manager or Batch) the program couldn't find the SETUP: command if it was on the first line. * Missing Fields in a RockWorks16 database caused an error. Now all optional fields are included. * The LogView Print command is now connected to Ctrl+P. * The Litholgy Profile curve is now truncated to the maximum value.
  6. * A new set of programs grouped under the "XYZ->Optimum Path" heading has been added to the Utilities / Survey (Level 2) menu. * The results from the Utilities / Survey / Downhole and Borehole Manager / Striplogs / Downhole Survey program are now identical. * Programs that implement g-filters within solid models no longer generate Access Violation errors. * The RockPlot2D Raster Image options now show the initial dimensions of the image within the clipping window. * The XYZ Spatial Filter rules now display correctly when a computer is configured for large fonts. * Programs that generate RockPlot2D legends now include an option for setting the background color as well as leaving it transparent. The default is set to white. * The Samples / Survey_01.rwDat tutorial file has been revamped to address the re-design of the Utilities / Survey / Bearing/Inclination/Distance program. * Deviated 2D Borehole header symbols and column titles are now plotted correctly when clipped. * The Cutoff for the Grid to Stratigraphic Model program is now optional (defaults to 0). * The Reportworks program is now able to embed RockPlot2D files. * Creating a new project based on an existing project now correctly copies the Project Support Tables. * Line thicknesses and line styles are now more consistent between the screen display, export to bitmaps, and printing. * Custom fields within the Borehole Manager tables (e.g. Stratigraphy) are now displayed. * The Project Folder / Rename Project option now uses "null terminated strings" meaning that it's compatible with UniCode text. * A new program titled "Cavern Model" has been added to the Utilities / Survey / Bearing\Inclination\Distance program. * A new program titled "3-D Tubes" has been added to the Utilities / Survey / Bearing\Inclination\Distance program. * The Utilities / Survey / Bearing\Inclination\Distance program and datasheet input format has been redesigned. * The error message that appears when an attempt is made to update a blank type within the "Edit as Datasheet" utility has been clarified ("Field contains empty string.") * The "Edit as Datasheet" utility for borehole database tables now works correctly with SQLServer databases. * Symbol colors may now be set for polylines independent of the polyline color. * The log title on clipped non-vertical boreholes is now plotted correctly at the top of the log. * The Types Tables (I/P/T Data) column display order is now independent from the Order field. If you reset the tab columns it will rebuild the columns by the table Order value. When you manually drag columns around, the Order field is not changed, it is only changed by editing the Order field directly. * Polyline symbols are now consistently scaled. In the previous verion, the size would vary slightly depending upon the angle of the symbol. * Polyline labels no longer start at the beginning of the polyline. Instead, they now begin at a distance equal to or greater than the specified label spacing distance. The distance may be greater than the designated spacing if the angularity of the line prevents an asthetically acceptable labeling (i.e. the algorithm will keep moving along the line until it finds a suitable location for the label). * The Utilities / Grid / Grid -> Profile option has been re-named to "Grid(s) -> Profile" and split into two sub-options; "Single" (identical to the previous Grid -> Profile program), and "Multiple" - a new program * The Utilities / Grid / Grid -> Profile program has been re-designed to take advantage of the new profile polyline attributes. Specifically, this means that both the grid that is being profiled and the optional Surface Profile have their own sub-menus with independent polyline attributes. * Two new features has been added to the new Plot Surface Profile menu (see item #247 below) (253) The surface profile polyline may now be labeled (e.g. "Ground Surface"). (254) Symbols may now be plotted along the surface profile polyline. * The results from checking the database integrity for a SQL database are better formatted showing each table on a separate line. * Simplified the creation of a new project folder that connects to an existing SQLServer database. Before this process was awkward and had a tendency to overwrite the xy projection system. * The Buffer for the upper and lower filters within the Solid Options dialog is now set as an integer. * The name of the grid file is now included within the layer name within profile and sections. * The bounds calculation for rotated text when the vertical exaggeration was not equal to 1 was incorrect when saving to a file. This caused problems with RW2D scaling in ReportWorks. * The sub-options associated with the Plot Surface Profile (used by all the programs that create profiles and section) have been moved into a new dialog box with embedded instructions. This modification has been made in order add future features to the surface profile without adding additional clutter to the main application menus. * A new program titled "Compute Origin Lon/Lat For Local Coordinate System" has been added to the Utilities / Coords menu. * The Stratigraphic model polygon filtering has been extended to work with interior filtering with both complex and concave polygons. * I-Data, T-Data, and P-Data tracks within the Tree Menu are now refreshed when you switch projects. * If the symbol or pattern files are not located by the program (i.e. non-standard configuration/installation), the program will use the following logic: The location for the symbol and pattern files will first take what is in the System level ini file. If the location is not set or blank it will use the value (if any) stored in the Registry override HKLM\Software\RockWare\RockWorks16 in RwSymbols or RwPatterns. If the location is still not set or the file is missing, the user will be prompted for a value. * The Project / Rename command now works correctly. * The following EarthApps sample datasheets were corrupted (i.e. data columns missing) and have been repaired. Color_Index.rwDat Proportional_Advanced_01.rwDat US_State_Data_01.rwDat * The Datasheet / View / Optimize Column Widths program now "hardwires" the column labeled "Use" to 24 pixels.
  7. * LogPlot 7 now supports RockWorks 16 Access databases. * The line color and style for header pattern outlines was sometimes using the line color and style of other header lines.
  8. My first guess would be that you haven't set up your Project Dimensions. Go back to the main program window and find the Scan Boreholes button.
  9. - The length limit for exported metafiles (EMF + WMF) has been increased.
  10. - The Batch Compile program was not correctly reading the Batch File (.BTC) and setting the Save as LPT and Positve Depth values correctly. - Crossplot's now calculate the last point at the log TD.
  11. logplot utilisation

    You'll need to ask more specific questions. If you need help getting started look at the tutorial and the sample files.
  12. - The PNG and JPEG Exports now correctly set the compression level.
  13. The problem has been fixed and is now available for download.
  14. * RockPlot2D was sometimes applying an offset when pasting from another form. * The Scientific Notation option was being ignored for Color Legends using Custom Tables.
  15. That option doesn't appear to be working right now. It should be an easy fix. I'll let you know what I find.
  16. So use the same .tab file in an Index Legend in RockPlot2D. You'll have to add after the diagram has been created.
  17. Polygon Filter

    Hi Terry, in the Utilities(Solid/Filters) there's a polygon filter that you can apply after creating your lithology model. Mitch
  18. Rockworks in Windows 8

    We've installed and run RockWorks 15 on Windows 8 without any difficulty though we haven't done extensive testing.
  19. 1. Changes were made to the Borehole Survey program in the Borehole Manager so that the results would match the same data in the Utilities Borehole Survey. 2. The Borehole Survey program now automatically adjusts the Azimuth of any initial vertical surveys to match the first non-vertical survey. This prevents the program from doing twisting the azimuth as it approaches the non-vertical surveys points.
  20. You'll need to create a custom table to show a logarithmic scale. The easiest way would be to create anew table and use the Palette function in the table editor to create the colors and then edit the values for the cycles you want.
  21. Hi Lara, the problem is that the tables used in RockPlot2D have no implicit order and are always sorted from low (top) to high (bottom). In RockPlot3D your using a tab file and the order is set by the order in the file so all you need to do is reverse the order in your tab file so that the order is the same as in RockPlot2D,
  22. Fixes: * Unsaved LogView windows weren't giving a Close warning when the LogPlot was closing. * Changed the Automatic Logarithmic Scaling for Curves and Cross Plots to 3 cycles. * The Cross Plot Curve dialog wasn't updating the Min/Max values when Logarithmic scaling was selected. * The Header Legend wasn't using the Automatic scaling values for Curve and Cross Plot minimum/maximum values. * The Value Grid wasn't using the Automatic scaling values for Curve and Cross Plot minimum/maximum values. * The Automatic Scaling option for Cross Plot Curves was defaulting to the manual settings. New Features: * Added a Bring To Front option to the popup menu in the Log Designer. * Added Bring To Front and Send To Back buttons to the Entity List.
  23. RockPlot3D Export

    Sorry but OpenGL only renders to a bitmap. EMF files only support 2D coordinates so anything exported would not be very useful. That's why it was necessary to write our own exports for DXF and Shape files but they are limited to triangles.
  24. RockPlot3D Export

    Sorry, I'm not at work so I can't check on 2006 but DXF and Shape exports are available in RockPlot3D15. You can download a copy of RP3D15 fronm our website and it should read the older r3d files.
  25. Map DXF file

    RockWorks does have a limited DXF import that includes LINE, LWPOLYLINE, POLYLINE, MTEXT and TEXT. If your DXF includes blocks they must first be exploded before importing into RockPlot 2D or 3D.