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  1. Revisions; (012) Bug Fix (04/22/15/MIW): Exporting RW2D files to a raster format using RCL scripting now sizes vertically exaggerated diagrams correctly. (011) Bug Fix (04/22/15/JCJ): The LAS Import program correctly imports LAS files with wrapped lines (this bug was introduced in November of 2014). (010) Bug Fix (04/16/15/JCJ): The LAS Import program no longer fails if the project is configured to measure point data from the borehole collar. (009) Bug Fix (04/16/15/JPR): The Utilities / Map / Pie-Chart Map program now selectes the X and Y midpoint coordinates from the correct column. (008) Bug Fix (04/13/15/JPR): The object markers (the red dots that appear when clicking on a RockPlot2D object) for bitmaps within 2D striplogs are now properly registered with the image. (007) New Feature (04/10/15/JPR): A new option titled "Limit To Column Width" has been added to the Bitmaps section of the 2D striplog design sub-menu. This new feature extends the capabilities of the bitmap plotting as described below; Aspect = Preserve / Limit To Column Width = True: Fill the designated vertical column (shown in red within the example below) while preserving the aspect ratio. Advantage: Images always extend to base of designated interval. Disadvantage: Images may laterally extend beyond the right-edge of the image column. Aspect = Preserve / Limit To Column Width = False: Adjust the images such that right edge of an image will never extend beyond the right edge of the image column. Advantage: Images never extend beyond right edge of image column. Disadvantage: Base of the images may not extend to the depth of the designated interval. Aspect = Stretch / Reduce: Independently stretch or reduce the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the bitmap to fit within the designated depth interval and column width: Advantage: Fills entire interval regardless of the original image aspect ratio. Disadvantage: May produce strange looking bitmaps. (006) Bug Fix (04/10/15/JCJ): The SQL-Server interface now delimits strings within 2D striplog queries with a single quote rather than a double-quote. Please note that this does not effect the Access/MDB version which accepts either format.
  2. Easy Cross Section, Rock plot 2D

    Sorry but your attached data didn't make it so it's not very clear what you're trying to do. If you can't attach the data consider sending it to support or give us a description of what the data contains. xy coordinaates? elevations, stratigraphic tops or ...? what format?
  3. * The MSVC100 Run Time DLL's have been added to the installation programs for older Windows Operating Systems.
  4. * An embedded DLL file that could cause problems with older Windows versions is now installed separately.
  5. UPDATE: A new version ( has been uploaded that fixes this problem. Users running XP or Server 2003 may get these errors running the current version of LogPlot 7. Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from MIcrosoft. (http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=5555).
  6. * Some modifications were made to the pLog Cloud Connect data import to provide more information to users who aren't signed up for the service.
  7. Error in the GUI of RockWorks 16

    Thanks Rudy for your help in resolving this problem. Who knew another program (Kapersky Anti-Virus) could cause this problem. Here's Jim's blog entry: Fixing Unreadable RockWorks Menus Posted on November 12, 2014 by Jim Reed If you ever encounter unreadable RockWorks menus with dark filled rectangles hiding the underlying text (see example below) … … you’re probably running an older version of Kaspersky Internet Security that apparently garbles the Windows theme/style settings. Fortunately, the solution is very simple: Update your Kaspersky software to the latest version and the problem will go away. Special thanks to Rudy Abo at TU Freiberg and Rafael Maricca at LMD Innovative.
  8. LogPlot

    * Opening a RockWorks 15 Borehole in LogPlot now brings in all Location fields (including Name) except for BH ID. * The RockWorks 16 Project Notes and Borehole Comments are now imported as Notes.
  9. Error in the GUI of RockWorks 16

    We're not sure what's going on but we'd like to send you a test program so that we can narrow down the problem if that's okay with you.
  10. Error in the GUI of RockWorks 16

    Another thought, are using something other than the Windows 7 Basic Theme? (Control Panel - Personalization)
  11. Error in the GUI of RockWorks 16

    Hi Rudyabo, This isn't a problem we've run into before but I suspect it has more to do with your color settings or video driver. What video card do you have? What color settings are you set for (256, High, True Color or...)? Have you tried changing any of these settings? It varies with the video driver but you can get at this information by going to the Control Panel - Display - Screen Resolution - Advanced Settings. This dialog lists info on your video card and driver and has a button labeled "List All Modes" which should show you different resolution and color options.
  12. Unable to copy/paste

    We do try to correct things as quickly as we can. I'm surprised that this hadn't come up earlier.
  13. Unable to copy/paste

    Its fixed and available for download.
  14. * The Copy, Cut and Paste options in the Log Designer generated errors when using some international number formats. * The hot keys in the Log Designer for edit functions weren't working.
  15. Unable to copy/paste

    This appears to be a problem with the regional number formatting. To get the clipboard to work with the current version you could switch to using the US Regional Settings where the dot ('.') is the decimal symbol and the comma (',') is the digit grouping. You can find these settings in the Windows Control Panel under Regional Settings. I will work on fixing this and making a new version available as soon as possible. My apologies for the inconvenience.
  16. LogPlot

    - Revised the license agreement (EULA). - Added a data import using the PLog Cloud Connect. This will not be visible unless the Data Forensics package is installed. This product is not yet available for purchase. - In the Log Designer the Select tool is not being reset if the previously added design entity was canceled.
  17. Using EQuIS data in Rockworks 16?

    Update: Here's Earthsoft's response, we'll just need some patience. "Thank you for your inquiry regarding EQuIS for RockWorks 16. We certainly intend to support RockWorks 16 and are currently testing it's compatibility with the EQuIS export and will get back to you with more information as soon as it is available. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Sincerely, Matt Wakulchik, Help Desk EarthSoft, Inc.
  18. Using EQuIS data in Rockworks 16?

    The .BH files are for a much older version of RockWorks (pre-Database) and support for importing these files was dropped for RockWorks 16. You could still import them in RW15 and then import the database into 16 but that would not make the importing any easier. I've emailed the Earthsoft support to see if they've added a more direct import for RW16.
  19. LogPlot

    * Calls to network printers with long names for page information caused errors when accessing the printer for information or printing.
  20. Separation of decimal numbers

    Hi Rafael, the number format is set by the Windows Regional settings from the Windows Control Panel. The values are stored in the data file with the dot decimal place but are translated for display in the editor based on your computers regional settings. Mitch
  21. LogPlot

    - No defined printer could cause the program to halt during compiling.
  22. * Opening bore holes from a RockWork's database could cause an "Index Out of Bounds" error.
  23. * Set a default page size when no printer driver is available.
  24. - Filled Curves using Automatic Scaling weren't being scaled the same as the line curve.
  25. LogPlot - April 29th, 2014

    Due to an error the displayed version number wasn't updated. While this is simple to fix it doesn't effect functionality so rather then have users download another copy we'll let it remain as is until the next release. You can still use the executable's date to determine version.