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  1. Export Rockplot 2D view in ArcGIS

    A model is displayed in RockPlot3D and when a view is exported to shape file format its in a 3D foprmat best viewed in ArcScene or ArcGis Pro. These shape files can be imported into ArcMap but will only show a plan view. Since shape files are primarily data files you'll need to use categorize them within the Arc products to get a similar view. You might also consider exporting and importing as DXF.
  2. Project Datum - NAD 27

    He's probably using an older version. He needs to download the latest version.
  3. Best order = 0

    Hi Laure, You're using the Trend Surface algorithm on Automatic and the program was unable to find a best Trend Surface order to use. You could either select the order in the menu or use another algorithm. Mitch
  4. Creating a 3D model from cross sections

    Hi Ehsan, take a look at the Utilities/Imagery/Vertical (Images --> 3D Panels). The example files are vertical_images_3D_sections_01 and 02. Mitch
  5. Hi Anselme, sorry we don't have any license recorded for your copy of RockWorks 16. You can clarify your license issues by contacting [email protected] Thank you, Mitch
  6. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    The elevations are in absolute elevation. In your case the elevations in your datasheet are below the ground surface. You can either change the elevations in the datasheet or use the Offset setting in the menu to move the images above the ground.
  7. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    I see the problem your elevations are below the ground surface. Enter and offset of 200 meters or more.
  8. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    Delete or disable rows 1 + 2. You also need to select the image column not the name column for your input. Make sure that you have the other input columns correctly selected.
  9. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    Send it to [email protected] with attention Mitch
  10. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    Try selecting the file using the built in File Open Dialog. 1) If the column has not been assigned as an Image Name, right click on the header line, use the arrows to move to the column and select Image Name from the Content Type tab. 2) Now double click on each file name and select the file. If this still doesn't work attach a copy (not a picture) of your RwDat file for us to look at.
  11. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    You can either copy them to the project folder or provide the full path to the location of the files.
  12. Creating 3D model for ERT Data

    Are the image files in the project folder? If not you'll have to include the full path in the datasheet. Are you getting any error messages? Do you get a KMZ file that loads in GoogleEarth? If you do please send it to us. From what I can see I'd disable or delete rows 1 and 2 which have titles. You can ignore the warnings but its annoying.
  13. I understand the problem now. Unfortunately items above the Start Depth won't plot. Sorry.
  14. Does your Symbol Column in the designer have the name "Point Symbol" or something else? If it doesn't match you need to change the name in the designer or in the data tab.
  15. Are you sure that your Symbol Column name matches the datasheet?