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    Exporting .dxf

    Thanks for the reply. I looked into the color tab and couldn't find a way to accomplish my task. Could've been my incompetence though. I would comment that presumably people using the software are going to be doing presentations for clients, and CAD will most likely be involved as the default system for overlays of building lines, coordinate systems, ect. When limited to importing an exported TIFF, JPEG, PNG, one must live with the downsampling/artifacts that occur with importing image files into CAD (not to mention the less accurate scaling of an imported image file based on "eye-balling" snap-points). It might be worth looking into whether or not a "CAD setting" could be implemented that limited available colors for color intervals in RW14 to the colors available in CAD. Thanks.
  2. anzley

    Exporting .dxf

    I'm having trouble exporting a .dxf from RockPlot that matches my plot in RockWorks (see attached image). When creating a grid-based map, I use a custom color table for my color intervals that is basically varying shades of red and green (see attached .tab). The map plots as I want in RockPlot with the red and green gradients, though when I export the image as a .dxf, it loses the gradient and groups the intervals (see attached .dxf). I've tried creating a custom color book in CAD but it seems that the loss of gradient may be occuring when RockPlot creates the .dxf. I've created .png's and imported the image into CAD, but this is getting cumbersome with the scaling and such. I need to be able to import a .dxf of the map with the same colors as my custom .tab. I'm using RockWorks rev. 2008.9.3 and AutoCAD LT 2009 on XP SP2. Thanks for your help. Rockware_Sample.zip
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