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  1. Thanks. I downloaded RockWorks 2006 and had a go at plotting mulitple striplogs showing the i/p data. I see how to select the axis (and also the other various parameter - depth axis, title etc) and move them into place. However, my data files contain up to 2000 drilllogs and one cross-section may contain up to 50 drillholes. Is there a way that I can move all of the axes in one go or do I need to move each of them individually? (I tried selecting all features but the lihtology column also get selected and moves with the other parameters). Is RockWorks the best program for handling/plotting this size of data? I have also downloaded Downhole Explorer from the RockWare website to give that a go - is this better at dealing with large datasets and plotting i/p data, lithology etc on one cross-section? Cheers, Adam
  2. Thanks Mitch for your reply. I'm still not sure how to do what you have said (i.e. select the axis and drag with your mouse). How is this done? I'm using RockWorks2004 and when in the RockPlot - 2D mode I can not select anything on the plot. Also, I increased the thickness of the axis line so that I could see it in the plot - from what I can see the axis line does occur between the i/p data and the lithology column (See attached). I look forward to your reply. Cheers, Adam
  3. I am having some difficulty in plotting cross-sections that show both lithology and either i- or p-data as curves or bargraphs. When I plot, using the multi-log profile (under striplogs), lithology only there is alignment between the bore title, depth label and axis and lithology column (See attached). However, when I attempt to include either i- or p-data as a curve or bargraph the bore title and depth axis are both horizontally and vertically offset, which makes reading the cross-section difficult (See attached). How can I plot lithology, and i- or p-data as a cross-section without having the off-set? Thanks, Adam
  4. How can I import georeferenced aerial photos (i.e. in .ecw format) into RockWorks2004?
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