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  1. Thank you Molly. I used that query and it worked. I did modify it to be max(Elevation+Z1) because Z1 is a negative number SELECT Location.Name, LithType.Name as Keyword, LithType.GValue, Easting+X1 as Easting, Northing+Y1 as Northing, Elevation as GroundElev, MAX(Elevation+Z1) as BedrockElev, Depth1 as Depth FROM Lithology JOIN Location ON Location.BhId=Lithology.BhId JOIN LithType ON LithType.LithTypeId = Lithology.LithTypeId WHERE LithType.Name IN ("Slate", "Metasandstone","Quartzite", "Dolomite", "Phyllite") GROUP BY Location.Name ORDER BY Location.Name
  2. I used DB Browser to query the database to generate what I wanted and then imported the text file and created a grid.
  3. Select Lithology.BhID,Location.Name,LithType.Name RockType,Northing, Easting, depth1,(Elevation-depth1) BedrockDepth From Lithology Inner Join LithType on Lithology.LithTypeId = LithType.LithTypeId Inner Join Location on Lithology.BhId = Location.BhId where GValue >=6 GROUP BY location.Name Order by min(Depth1)
  4. It worked. However, it was not really what I was looking for. I wrote up something that explains what I wanted and what I did to get it. I would like the ability to query the database and then generate a grid from that query to make a surface using the various algorithms for developing the gridded data. Lith to Top of Rock.docx
  5. Thank you. I do have my bedrock sequential and greater than my soils. I will give it a try.
  6. I have lithology data for my site that includes various bedrock types. I have phyllite, metasandstone, dolomite, and quartzite. I want to create a top of rock elevation contour map. I can see how to create a superface grid in lithology under borehole operations. However, this only allows me to create the grid for each individual bedrock lithology. If I could query the database, I would look for the shallowest lithology G-codes for bedrock in each borehole and use that depth to create the top of rock contour map. I just cant find a simple method in the menus for doing this.
  7. Is the Z elevation for the end of the 3D tube the invert, middle, or the top of the tube? THe documentation is not clear as to what the z elevation should be.
  8. I assume that the depth to water is referenced to the elevation that is input into the location tab. This works if you have a borehole with no casing for reference, or if you convert the depth from top of casing to ground surface. It would be better to have an addtional column in the location tab to have casing elevation for groundwater measurements.
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