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  1. Hello Tom, Thanks for this. It looks a bit different in my version (see attachment. Is this also available in Rockworks 14? Cheers, Paul
  2. Hello Tom, I have one short question. I have switched off "interpolate outliers" in the lithology modelling options. This gives varied interpolation distances, leading often to small interpolations. I understand that this is because the cut-off distance is defined as the distance to the nearest borehole. Is it possible to have a set cut-off distance for the lithology model? For my study of modelling glacial sediments, it is not reasonable to let a lithologies in a borehole radiate/bleed outward for a bigger radius than 1km. Thank you very much, Paul
  3. After some investigations into the statistics of the model I found out that I made a mistake in the spacing. It was indeed too large. Thank you for the help! Paul
  4. I have made a lithological solid model from borehole data using Rockworks 14. When I make a lithology profile (with a swath larger than voxel size) or a lithology section (snapping the section to the boreholes)not all of the boreholes in the section display the same lithology as the model. I do not know why the lithological solid model ignores some of the boreholes. From the explanation of the horizontal lithoblending I understood that there is horizonal interpolation between boreholes. The tool fills the space between the boreholes equally and respecting each borehole. Thanks for any help.
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