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  1. Bug in Geotrig

    Good! If you van fix it, can you send me a mail about it when its done? Best, Per
  2. Bug in Geotrig

    A freeware is GeoTrig. Though you state you do not give support for this programme, I think for your reputation you should just have free download programmes that work! The True Dip function gives totally erroneous values compared if you enter measured values from the field in a traditional Wulf/Schmitt net. An example that you can calculate in your head: apparent dip/ apparent dip direction (1): 0.1/90 degrees; apparent dip/ apparent dip direction (1): 15/180 degrees. In your head calculation it is obvious that the true dip should be c. 15 degrees towards 180 (south). Put these values into GeoTrig and it suggests that the true dip is 15 degrees towards 0.4 degrees, that is due north! I have made a number of comparisons, and all come out wrong. Has nobody ever told you this? Can you take that shame? Best, Per Möller Professor in glacial geology