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  1. Petroleum Exploration

    Thanks for your help, I am still struggling with everything, but finally am starting to make some maps. A couple more quick questions: Is it possible to make my maps using just Longitude, Latitude or does everything have to be in UTM? If I have a bad data point on my map, is there an easy way to find out which well it is? I would like to navigate back and forth if possible. BY THE WAY, KGS does have well status as a column in the header info, but I cannot figure out how to associate the "code" (like D&A) with a dry hole symbol. Thanks for all your help.. Sean
  2. Petroleum Exploration

    I am having trouble making basic maps with this software. Any help would be appreciated greatly. I have successfully made a map of the locations from data downloaded from KGS, but I can't get much farther. I would like to be able to: 1) Fix the map symbols from different colored circles to actual Petroleum Geology symbols. I see how to change them one at a time in the select symbol menu, but would like to change them all at once. Is there a file I can import that has "Normal" symbols? 2) Posting subsea datums and Isopach intervals. 3) I have a shape file of all the sections in Kansas, and I converted it to an .rk6 file, but I cannot append it to my map. Maybe because it is in Longitude, Latitude instead of UTM If and when I can accomplish all of these tasks, I am sure I will be looking for information about contouring. Thanks in advance. Sean Deenihan