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  1. There are several patterns and keyword files available for download from your website, what are these based on? Do you have reference information for these keys particularly the USGS?
  2. I am in the process of creating several fence diagrams; I am having problems bounding the diagrams to include the entire length of all the borings. I have tried using the utility program to create grid based maps and changing the algorithms and settings, and I have tried treating it as a stratigraphic layer and using structural elevations to create the grid. But I am still having the same problem. Any suggestions on how I can capture the entire depth of all the borings???
  3. I am creating a new LogPlot Template to match our field logs, is there a way to assign an order to edit text in the template so that when you create a new data editor the E-Text tab is sorted? Right now it is random, and I would like them to be ordered so that the first blank under E-text is always the first blank on field sheet (i.e. boring number) and so on.
  4. Are old case studies still available online, I am looking specifically for this one: http://www.rockware.com/support/casestudie...plex_strat.html (but the link doesn't seem to work). I am trying to find as much information including case studies and white paper to help with some nonspecific questions I have.
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