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  1. Alison, I did manage to solve the problem like I explained above. I did a thorough visual comparison between the 2 models and they apppear identical for their overlapping volume. So I guess when resampling only implies the change of model extents, (keeping the same node spacing and locations), this method provides the fastest solution Thx, Frederik
  2. I guess I've found a simple and fast solution to the above problem by exporting my model to an ascii file and importing it again after changing the headers to fit the required model dimensions. This requires RockWorks to discard all the nodes that lie outside these dimensions without giving distorted results, but it seems to do well. Can you confirm there is no influence of these 'out of range' nodes? Thx, Frederik
  3. I ran the resampling overnight for more than 9 hours, but only came to 4% progress. This morning I tried using the Closest Point Interpolation, but it appears to be going the same long way. I know my model is quite big (337x185x95 resampling to 363x105x61), but I expected faster results as the spacing and node location are exactly the same for both solid grids (10x10x0.25), so the closest point is the value already lying on the respective node location. This brings me to a another possibility: Can I in some way just remove horizontal and vertical grid slices from the solid model to 'clip' it to the right dimensions? This would be the fastest solution as spacing is the same in all directions and the nodes already overlap. (Bear in mind this is not the same as filling redundant grid slices with null values.)
  4. OK, I will try your suggestions. But I reckon there is no restriction on exceeding the current model dimensions, right? (creating new 'empty' nodes outside the original solid grid)
  5. Although it appears that a bug fix had already been issued to solve a problem on this feature, SOLID > MATH > RESAMPLE (In RW utilities) keeps hanging endlessly, forcing me to close down the program. Can this be fixed please, because it's quite urgent. Thanks!
  6. Although I like Rockworks a lot for its many useful features, I sometimes get frustrated when handling large solid models and other objects in RP3D, even with hardware acceleration turned on for my OpenGL Video Card on my DELL M65 mobile workstation. Does Rockware intend to improve/alter the program to make 3D visualisation more fluent and easy to handle in the near future? This matter might be the stumbling block for my company to substantially expand our number of licences in the near future. Would be a real pity...
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