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  1. Is it possible to automate printing in a RCL file? I want to print a sequence of rk6 drawings, with a vertical exaggeration, and best fit to pdf files.
  2. Thanks very much. Is there any way to loop commands (eg For..Next)?
  3. I can automate creating the multiple water surface profiles (with no other data) using RCL. So now I have up to eighteen rk6 files, which I want to combine into a single drawing, showing changes in water table over time, with different line colours and types to signify the dates. Is there a way to append rk6 files using a macro/RCL?
  4. The creation of log diagrams in a multi-log profile in V15 appears to be very slow. For the same model section w/ 15 logs and one surface, V15 takes 2.5 minutes, while V14 is done in 11s. The information screen indicates that all the time is being taken up in "creating xxx log diagram". Is there any obvious reason for this?
  5. Has there been any advance on this in V15? I am again faced with needing to plot multiple surfaces on sections. I can do it the slow way, but was hoping after 3 years there would be something better?
  6. In Rockworks15: When I create a single striplog: (single multi-log profile), at the bottom of the drawing it says: Project Dimensions - Dynamic Pattern, and the X and Y coordinates make sense and can be used for export as XY values. But when I create additional parallel profiles it says: No project dimensions and the X and Y values appear to be offset, as if they were being plotted all on the same sheet, although I have chosen to "generate individual diagrams". If I load the same project in Rockworks14, I get Project Dimensions - Dynamic Patterns for each created striplog.
  7. In Rockplot2D all my vertically orientated titles were set to base justification, whereas, I would like them to be centered over the log. On the scale I am using, with base justification, the vertically orientated labels all appear to be offset to the left. Can this justification be changed?
  8. I have drawn a polygon in a rockplot/2D drawing. I select it, then use the right mouse, shortcut menu, to select "save to polygon table". The extra decimal point appears in the second column (Y/vertical) , primarily for values that are negative. I tried to attach examples, but the forum says I am not permitted to upload those kind of files. Also interested if you had any more info on my question on alignment for borehole titles when they are vertical.
  9. I have been drawing polylines on my 2D drawings in Rockplot/2D (v14). When I chose save to polygon table, everything works, except some of the entries are incorrectly written with two decimal points in the number (i.e. 12..32245)?
  10. When I use the clipping tool in Rockworks2D, only the data is clipped. If I have a background bitmap, this remains the same and the drawing is not reduced. I can clip the background map seperately, but this is a very difficult system as it uses pixels and I am not sure how to match up the pixels with the data area. Is there a way to clip the entire drawing as a whole?
  11. In Rockplot2D is there a way to set the exaggeration, so that when you reopen the drawing it has not reverted to VE=1
  12. What I noticed when I went into Rockplot2D is that all my vertically orientated titles were set to base justification, whereas, I would like them to be centered over the log. On the scale I am using, with base justification, the vertically orientated labels all appear to be offset to the left.
  13. I would like to set the default alignment for borehole titles in the Striplog dialog layout options. I can see how to do this afterwards in RockPlot2D, but this is too time consuming for lots of holes.
  14. MarkR

    Setup data

    Is there a way to reference the setup data into an edit-text tab value? I want to plot the Easting, Northing and RL in the header. It would be nice not to have to type this data in twice. Thanks, Mark
  15. I tried the example polygon.tab file as well as making my own. I get this error: In operator without () in query expression 'NAME IN)' When I look at the SQL statement it has: UPDATE [Location] L SET Enabled = 1 WHERE NAME IN ) It doesn't appear to access the file I put in, although the summary has the file name correctly.
  16. The polygon region in filter/select boreholes does not appear to work I tried a number of polygons but there appears to be no code for the SQL search generated from the polygon file. And an error message results. Has anyone used this option?
  17. MarkR


    Very painful, with 10-20 panels in each drawing! Look forward to this being incorporated in a more global manner. Thanks, Mark
  18. MarkR


    Hi Mitch, I can't see how to change the fence dwg colours after creating the plot. When I select the relevant fence data item, the only option I have is transparency. Unlike a model drawing which gives options for colour infill. Cheers, Mark
  19. MarkR


    I have set the default colorfill file to a new colorfill file I have created. However, when I create an I-data model it uses the hot-cold colour scheme. I can change the colours in the 3D drawing by selecting the model and choosing my colorfill file., but why doesn't rockworks automatically use the colorfill file I have set as default? When I create a fence drawing based on the model the colors are hot to cold, and there doesn't appear to be an option to change to my colorfill?
  20. You've lost me. What/where is Borehole Designer in Rockworks/14?
  21. I have a number of projects, which have varying requirements for strip-logs. It would be nice to have the settings for the plotting of the logs etc. to be saved with the project, so that when I go back to it after working on another project, I don't have to reset all the formatting. Is there a way to do this?
  22. What I am after is to be able to create 2-D sections (strip-logs) with multiple surface profiles automatically based on the picked line. I guess I could create each profile's section delete out the data I don't want and then add the picture together, but it would be nice to have the facility to have this automatically, like most mining packages do.
  23. Is there a way to include more than 1 surface from grid files. I.e. the ground surface and a proposed pit outline. If not, can this be considered for a future update.
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