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  1. When running Example Problem 5, after running the analysis by selecting Analysis/Run a message occurs "File Write Failed" "Unable to Write CO2TAB".
  2. TOUGHREACT Unable to Write CO2TAB

    To correct the error message "Unable to Write CO2TAB" copy the CO2TAB file from the c:\program files\petrasim\t2react folder into the c:\program files\petrasim folder. There is a known issue where the installer may not include the file in both places.
  3. TETRAD Wells

    Is there a way to enter TETRAD wells into PetraSim without entering them by hand?
  4. TETRAD Wells

    The PetraSim version of TETRAD supports wells in the following ways: 1. Reading of wells from CTR files. 2. Display of wells in the model and optionally in the 3D results view. 3. Writing of the TETRAD well !&# data files. The well input format in the CTR file follows Appendix G of the InterSim manual. An example file is given below. Do not include any of the input after and including the !. Example of input of 2 wells ! Line 1 - Title <top origin> ! Line 2 - Orientation (required as given) 2 ! Number of wells RRG-1 ! Name of first well 1 ! Number of subsegments (required to be 1) 3 ! Number of coordinate input lines 12959 8383 -4836 ! Coord 1 12959 8383 0 ! Coord 2 12959 8383 150 ! Coord 3 RRG-2 ! Repeat for second well 1 3 15398 5377 -4845 15398 5377 0 15398 5377 1698 So create such a file named *.ctr and read it with File->Read Wells From File... Once loaded, expand the well list in the tree view and double click on any well to edit. You can then write the well data and it will create the TETRAD well !&# data files.
  5. Is it possible to create a model based on GIS coordinates? If not, is it possible to use another mesh making program and using this as the input file for PetraSim?
  6. PetraSim Model Coordinates

    PetraSim grid boundaries can be based on a true coordinate system, they do not have to start at (0,0,0). You can define the boundaries to match the GIS coordinates, so that your model will use GIS coordinates. You cannot currently import a mesh that was created in another program.
  7. What type of boundary condition is used if the user does not assign a specific boundary condition to a bounding cell in a model?
  8. TMVOC Boundary Conditions

    The absence of a boundary condition is "no flow".
  9. What type of boundary condition is used if the user does not assign a specific boundary condition to a bounding cell in a model?
  10. T2VOC Boundary Conditions

    The absence of a boundary condition is "no flow".
  11. PetraSim System Requirements

    PetraSim requires a relatively fast CPU and a substantial amount of random-access memory (RAM). The processor should be at least as fast as a 1 GHz Pentium III, with at least 512 MB RAM. A fast graphics card that supports OpenGL 1.1 or later with 64 MB of graphics memory is recommended. Obviously, the larger your model, the more memory you are going to want to have. A lot of customers run very simple 1D or 2D problems using PetraSim. If you are running larger 2D or 3D models, I would recommend more RAM.
  12. In the "Results" tab in PetraSim why is "Source/Sink Plots" and "Connection Plots" been deactivated?
  13. The results options are not available because TOUGH-Fx uses a different output format that does not include the source/sink or connection data files.
  14. In the "Model" tab in PetraSim why is "Gravity -Capillary IC deactivated?
  15. This options are not available for the TOUGH-Fx version of PetraSim. The Gravity-Capillary initial conditions option is only for the EOS9 module of TOUGH2.
  16. TOUGHREACT Surface Complexation

    As far as we can tell, surface complex support was intended for TOUGHREACT, but I believe that it was left out of the DOE release because it was not fully tested. Therefore, when we developed the module for PetraSim, we did not include full support for complexes. If in the future, the capability is added to TOUGHREACT, we should be able to finish support for it in a later release. For more information about the status of surface complexes in TOUGHREACT, he can contact the primary author, Tianfu Xu at LBL ([email protected]).
  17. I’m getting the following installation error: PetraSim Error, Software Licensing Error, INITIALIZATION: DRIVER ERROR FAILED OR BUSY. Is there a fix.
  18. PetraSim Driver Error

    On a few machines, a licensing error occurs when first running PetraSim. The problem you are seeing is related to the licensing software. To correct it, please do the following steps: 1. Go to the installation directory C:\Program Files\PetraSim\License-2_0 2. In this directory, double click on the file SETUPEX 3. Run PetraSim.
  19. I’m getting the following error during installation: Cannot find java.exe - component - Cannot start, because MSVCP71.dll could not be found.
  20. PetraSim DLL Error Message

    You should be able to fix this problem by copying both msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll from c:\program files\petrasim\lib into c:\windows\system32. The next release of PetraSim will correct this installation problem.
  21. Is a place in the TMVOC output files that describes the mass balance error of the model runs?
  22. TMVOC - Mass Balance Output

    There is no easy way to check mass balances. In PetraSim you can output flow data for all connections to a cell (Print Options tab of Edit Cell Data). You would then need to sum these in a spreadsheet. See Plotting->Source/Sink and Cell History Plots in the manual for a detailed explanation of how to do this.
  23. lat long to UTM conversion

    I've posted your questions and comments below inbetween "quotes". My responses are below those. "One of the main difficulties seems to lie in plotting gamma log data between wells. Density Log information plots beautifully." Could this have something to do with the automatic scaling in your dataset? Is it possible that there are null values in the dataset that are not being filtered out? "To officially state my first question, can the program convert P-data into lithologic or stratigraphic data, or do the lithologic and stratigraphic boundaries need to be determined independently by the program user?" RockWorks does not have any tools for converting P-Data to Lithology or Stratigraphy. The lithology data would have to be typed into the program, or into another program such as Excel and then imported into the program. The user can enter Stratigraphy in a similar manner, or the user can visually pick their Stratigraphic contacts using the stratigraphy picker (under the Stratigraphy menu as well). I know that there are some programs out there that have tools for automatically determining lithology types based on P-Data. One that comes to mind is WellCAD. Other users might have other suggestions. "We also have a problem with converting our latitude and longitude coordinate data into the required UTM format. We have followed the instruction manual and the process either results in a response of zero for UTM, no response at all, or it proceeds to change the coordinate data for all of the other wells." We will have to look into this one. At one point, there was a bug with this tool, but it should be fixed if you are using the most recent version of the software (what version of the software are you using?). Also, if you are using the automatic tools for picking your UTM Zone, you might try manual to see if you get better results. The Map --> Adjust tools in the Borehole Manager will attempt to convert Lat/Long data in ALL of the boreholes to UTMS. If you have blank Lat/Long values in some of your boreholes, it would not surprise me if this would corrupt the Easting and Northing information in those boreholes. If you only want to do the conversion for 1 borehole, then you should do the conversion somewhere other than the Borehole Manager. There are some tools in the Geological Utilities for doing this type of conversion (see the tools under the Coords menu).
  24. Dear RockWorks users: I'm looking for comments about RockWorks 2004 from users in the Mining/Aggregates Industry. If anybody has any comments (both positive and negative) or suggestions, I would be grateful if you could send them my way. Best Regards, Alison Alison Alcott RockWare, Inc. ph: 303 278 3534, x108 email: [email protected]
  25. 2 D conturing

    Hi Reso: The map that was created by the model does look very strange. When was the last time you updated your program? I recall some problems with contour maps in an older version, although I cannot remember the details. You may be able to fix this problem simply by downloading and reinstalling from: http://www.rockware.com/cgi-bin/downloads/...orks2004^direct Since the tool for creating a thickness grid based on a boolean model is really only meant for use with a boolean model, it makes sense that you are getting strange results when using a model that is not just composed of 1s and 0s. If the update does not fix the problem, I will have better luck trouble shooting if you could send me both your original model file, and your boolean MOD file. You can send this to me directly at [email protected] I hope that this helps! Thanks, Alison Alcott RockWare, Inc.