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  1. PetraSim version 2018 includes executables for TOUGHREACT v1.2 that have been optimized to work with PetraSim. If your colleague is using a more recent version of TOUGHREACT, then this could explain the differences in results. I took a quick look at your model and the TOUGHREACT input files for the other simulation and noticed that your colleagues model contains 100 elements, while your model contains only 5. Its also possible that the difference in discretization could be causing these differences. Some other differences that I noticed: - RCOUR is set to 0.9 in your colleague's model (TOUGHREACT | Solution Parameters | Time and Convergence Tab), this will lead to smaller time steps, so you would need to increase the maximum number of times steps for your model or allows for an unlimited number of time steps. - KCPL is set to 2 in your colleague's model (TOUGHREACT | Solution Parameters | Advanced Tab) - Your colleague's model seems to be isothermal (Properties | Global Properties | EOS Tab) I would suggest that you experiment with these items more and contact tech@rockware.com if you need additional help.
  2. Don, The OBJ export was really developed with Sketchfab in mind, but I would expect that it would work in some other viewers as well. I tested this with some 3D PDF at one point and found that they really only worked with much smaller files. Sketchfab seems to be able to handle pretty large and complex files that the other programs could not handle. We are open to suggestions for new export formats, so please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or to point us in the direction of a specific viewer you would like to work with. Best Regards, Alison
  3. Jasmin, Please send us your RW3D file so we can try to reproduce the problem. You can send this to tech@rockware.com. Thanks, Alison
  4. Prince, Unfortunately, its very hard to determine what is causing this by looking at this log alone. Convergence problems like this are not uncommon in simulations where there are phase changes. Here are some very general suggestions: 1. You could try restarting your model by loading the SAVE file as initial conditions, and changing the RE1 (Relative Error Criterion) to a smaller value. 2. You could experiment with modifying your RP and CP curves. 3. If you are modeling as injection, you could try initializing your model with a very small amount of gas already present. If you continue to have problems, you are welcome to send your SIM file to tech@rockware.com and we'll see if we can provide additional suggestions. Thanks, Alison
  5. If you are using your own executable of TOUGH v2.1, ECO2M, it will probably not output the CSV files required by PetraSim. For customers who own TOUGH V2.1 ECO2m, we typically send them an executable that is optimized to work with PetraSim. Please feel free to reach out to tech@rockware.com with details about your TOUGH v2.1 license. We should be able to confirm ownership of the simulator with LBL so we can send you an executable that is compatible with PetraSim. Best Regards, Alison
  6. Sani, It is hard to know why your simulation is not running. Feel free to send your SIM file to tech@rockware.com and we can take a look. Best Regards, Alison
  7. Jasmin, My only guess is that there is some sort of duplicate or additional points in the dataset causing this to happen. I would suggest that you take another look at the data and then send it to use for review. The easiest way for you to get your data to us it to go to File | Backup Database (through the Borehole Manager), and to send us the zip file created during the backup process. The zip file should contain your database and your last-used menu items, so this should hopefully be enough for us to reproduce the problem. Please send this to tech@rockware.com along with a summary of the problem. Best Regards, Alison
  8. Hi Mette Lise, I am able to run a model that uses both MINC and PERMX using TOUGH, but am running into the same error using TOUGHREACT v3.32. I have sent a question over to the TOUGHREACT authors to see if they have experienced this and will let you know what I hear back. Best Regards, Alison
  9. Abdelrazik, I would turn on the print options for cell Z61, and then rerun the model. You can then view a cell history plot of parameters at this cell at each time step. If you continue to have problems, please send me your SIM file and I'll take a look at it (tech@rockware.com). Best Regards, Alison
  10. Abdelrizik, For 2 phase models, TOUGH outputs gas pressure. Liquid pressure can be determined based on the capillary pressure: Pl = Pg + Pc (Pc is defined negative in TOUGH2). You will probably need to calculate liquid pressure in Excel and create your plot there. Best Regards, Alison
  11. Abdelrazik, You can probably avoid the model hitting state very quickly by increasing your initial time step (DELTEN) under the Analysis | Solution Controls window. If you are trying to inject at a constant temperature, then you can assign a very high material density to the injection cells. This gives the cells a very large heat capacity, and any gas that leaves those cells will have the temperature of the cells (set as the initial temperature). Best Regards, Alison
  12. Jasmin, Unfortunately, "tubes" are displayed in 2D sections as circles. So, this type of display is really only meant to show the location of the objects in sections that cross-cut the tube. If you need to show the tube in a longitudinal section that follows the trace of the tube, you may be able to convert your stratigraphic model and tube to a block model. This approach could get tricky depending on the size of your tube and the size of the blocks in the model. If you'd like to explore this option further, feel free to reach out to tech@rockware.com with an example project and description of what you are trying to do. Best Regards, Alison
  13. Peter, I believe the problem has to do with the ' character in the elevation column (used as the thousandths separator). If you remove this, I believe that the program will work as intended. Could you please give this a try and let me know how it goes? Best Regards, Alison
  14. Hi Peter, We will start looking into this now, but may need some additional information from you to diagnose the problem. What kind of fence diagram are you working with (I/P/T-Data, Lithology, Stratigraphy, etc.). If you are able to contact us at tech@rockware.com with some examples of problematic RW3D files, it will probably help us determine what is going on more quickly). Best Regards, Alison
  15. Under the Stratigraphy menus, you can find this option (called "Include Additional Contacts Defined Within RwDat file") under the Strat Rules tab. You can also find an example RwDat file called "Supplemental Stratigraphy" in the Samples project installed with the program. You may also want to review this recently created video, which introduces the concept of creation "PJ" boreholes in the database to help with interpolation. This video recommends that you add PJ boreholes to the database by digitizing them in Google Earth and then transferring them to a Utilities datasheet. You could also digitize points in RockPlot2D using the Digitize | Points tool, and then the Option | Export tool on the left side of the window where the digitized points are listed. Feel free to reach out with additional questions, either through the forum or through tech@rockware.com.
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