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  1. RW17 Active borehole column font size

    Oh, of course. Duh! I forgot I had my display at 125% - fixed now. Thank you.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this font mismatch in the active borehole column in Borehole Manager with the latest RW17 update? And if there might be an easy fix? Thanks, Charlie.
  3. I am running both RW 14 and RW 15 on my desktop. I've kept RW 14 because it can produce editable pdfs from the Rockplot2D utility. Both ran concurrently (but I only opened one at a time) just fine until I tried to add another video card to set up three monitors in early Sept, and then I got the first "invalid unlock code" message. I managed to convince RW support that I wasn't trying to install RW15 on a third machine and things went well with a new unlock code. Later, I realized 3 monitors was overkill, removed one of the video cards, and decided to install an usb port card while the machine was open. Now I get the invalid unlock code message again. RW14 opens and runs just fine. I'm curious why RW15 thinks it's on a new machine when cards in the PCI or PCIe slots are swapped out while RW14 hums along just fine. Some kind of resource conflict at startup?