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  1. Okay, so i'm using rockworks 2004 to mkae 3d models of well data i already have organized into an access database. I read in the product manual that boreholes can be mapped off an excel file as long as it is formatted to the exact specifications of the program, but the link provided to the website with the needed template is dead. Can anyone provide me with the necesarry info? Heres an exact example of what my columns look like: WELLSITEID: 22332 SWN: 08N07W19E02 LAT_DD: 34.7728 LONG_DD: -117:66508 DEM_ELEV: 3042 FROM_FT: 5 TO_FT: 17 DESCRIPTION: clay SUBAREA: OS 22332 08N07W19E02 34.7728 -117.66508 3042 5 17 boulders OS Where each unit in caps is the column heading and units after ":" are the values in the columns, units are in feet, latitude/longitude information based off of NAD83 coordinate system. Please help me out with this anybody who knows rockworks. I've never used it prior to today and my bachelor's thesis is highly dependent on constructing three dimensional models of sub-surface layers. Thanks!!!
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