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  1. Can you rotate the project dimensions?

    I can't find anything in the RW15 Help menu answering this question. My current project is a relatively small site with 34 borings in an area measuring about 350ft x 500ft. However, due to the placement of a building, the borings are in an approximate 'L-shape' when viewed in planview. Further, the site parcel is not oriented north to south. Does RW15 have a built-in way of 'rotating' the project dimensions to accommodate sites that are not oriented north-south? If not, is it something that can be built in to the next release? -Tom
  2. Unable to import DAT to Rockworks15

    Logplot7 Rockworks15 no error message, just a window with options to send bug report, continue app, restart app, or close app Sent the bug report to the generic '[email protected]'. Is there a better address to send it to? Thanks, tom
  3. Unable to import DAT to Rockworks15

    When using the LogPlot Import Wizard, Rockworks will crash when I click 'Finish'. Any suggestions?
  4. Curve frame missing top border

    After testing it a few more times I realized the top border is only missing after the log is compiled. When it is printed as a .pdf the border appears. Maybe it is a bug in the compiled log view screen.
  5. Curve frame missing top border

    Prior to this morning all my log designs were printing the top border frame in the log body curves. I'm not sure what changed but now the frame is printed minus the top border. Any thoughts? -Tom