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  1. Stratigraphy Help

    I finally imported the EXACT SAME DATA in Excel format instead of ASCII format and everything imported correctly. I still have no clue why the other data was not fully importing.
  2. Stratigraphy Help

    I have recently upgraded to RockWorks14 from Rockworks2004 after not using it for several years. I am attempting to upload ASCII data but for some reason only one layer of my stratigraphy is uploading. For example I have an upper unit, a middle unit, and a lower unit - but only the lower unit appears when the data is uploaded. The middle unit and upper unit have vanished. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Contact Picker

    I am using RockWorks 2004 to do some basic stratigraphic sections. We have three layers and one layer pinches out towards the middle of the study area. My problem is this ... although some of my cross-sections I made turned out well, some of the other cross-sections are not being modeled correctly by the program (due likely to sudden changes in geology throughout the section). When the stratigraphic section is created the modeled layers do not match the stratigraphy shown for the well locations. For example the actual contact is 200 ft lower than depicted by the model in one well. I also found the contact picker utility and when I ran that for the same wells using the exact same information the stratigraphy looked GREAT! But that particular utility did not seem to give me a way to save the resulting plot. How does contact picker model the data? Is there some way I can modify my modeling method in the setup for the stratigraphic section utility which would give me the same great results that contact picker gives me?