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  1. Changing grid values in a Strat model

    I thought that would work too, but it recognizes that I have stat data and overrides the grids with my "new" data. I think if I go into the access database and remove the strat picks, put the database in a new folder with the combined new and old grids, I can start with the altered and the old grids. I think that will work and I was going to try that this afternoon.
  2. Changing grid values in a Strat model

    Originally I created a strat model with a stack of grids I created from ARCGis. In stat pick I moved the tops and bases of the grids to better reflect the lithology in drill hole data. Now I want to replace two of the altered grids with different grids and I want the depth values of the new grids to be reflected in the strat pick. I can't figure out how to get RW to use the values in the new grids. If I simply replace the old grid with the new grid, when I make a strat model the depth values I created in stat pick are preserved and the new grid is overwritten by the old stat pick values. Can I replace an existing grid with a new grid and have the new grid values reflected in Strat Pick? thanks Emily