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    That's the problem. I'm having trouble figuring out what defaults might have changed that would result in an almost (but not exactly) 90 degree rotation. I've played around with changing things like the gridding option or density, but that doesn't change the basic orientation of the resulting data set. The projection type is the same (Schmidt vs. Wolff) and data convention are the same. Although if I change the data convention from right-hand rule to dip direction, it does rotate the resulting data set, but not the same way as originally calculated. I can pull up a file of the previous result, but it's a ReportWorks file - is there a way to back into the settings used to calculate it? If not, can you give me some ideas on settings I can try changing?
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    We recently installed updates to RockWorks6. Stereonets based on contour intervals of pole to plane data that I generated before the update have suddenly changed. It's not quite like they rotated, but they're very different. The initial ones were generated using the basic defaults - was there something in there that changed? I have one stereonet comprising two great circles that remained the same. Thanks.
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