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  1. Hi Vincent, Thanks for letting us know that you found a solution. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  2. Hi Vincent, I have good luck with ReportWorks printing to CutePDF at 2400dpi and 4000 dpi. If problems continue, you are welcome to send a backup of your project, your Rw2D and PDF files to [email protected] and I will take a look Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  3. JamesH, Regarding your lithology map question: Create lithology map from a lithology model RwMod file and a gridded surface RwGrd file with the Borehole Manager Lithology | Surface Map menu. If you have truncated the Lithology model with the ground surface (superface filter), and you are using the same ground surface for the Lithology Surface Map, you may need to subtract the value of the model Z spacing. The ground surface and lithology model do not overlay exactly due to the size of the lithology model voxels. If you imagine placing a board on a flight of stairs, you will notice that the board only contacts the edge of the stair steps. To subtract a value from the grid used for the Lithology surface, use the Utilities Grid | Math | Grid & Constant menu. Topography contours are not created using this method. You can append topography contours created in another map such as the Borehole Manager Map | Borehole Locations map or the Utilities Map | Grid-Based Map. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc .
  4. JamesH, I suggest using the Striplogs | 2D | Section and Striplogs | 3D | Multiple Logs to look at your Stratigraphy data. Only a few of your boreholes have the Proterozoic unit, and they are at a higher elevation relative to the base Paleozoic in the boreholes on the east side of the project. If you make grids of this unit, RockWorks does not have the control points for this unit in the wells where it is missing, so it uses the existing data to project the unit at a high elevation. Add Proterozoic tops to boreholes to control the surface. . Some boreholes have missing tops for the Paleozoic where it has been pinched out by the Proterozoic. Add zero-thickness tops for the Paleozoic in these boreholes to control the surfaces. Use the Striplogs | Pick Stratigraphic Contacts menu to add tops on a cross-section and save them to the Borehole Manager Stratigraphy table. Another option is to create a Stratigraphy model with the Triangulation gridding method, and choose the option for No Interpolation of Un-Triangulatable Nodes. This method will truncate the surface outside the area where there is data. There are boreholes that need additional tops to prevent the surfaces from crossing with this method, but it is not as bad as with the other interpolation methods that extend to the edge of the project limits. . I will address your lithology question in a separate message. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  5. Hi James, RockWorks 16 and 17 both have the option to allow underlying units take precedence when grids intersect when creating a Stratigraphy model. In RockWorks 16, this option is called Onlap and is set from the Stratigraphy model menu under the Interpolate Surfaces item. RockWorks 17 adds the ability to allow overlying units take precedence in the Modeling Sequence tab in the Interpolate Surfaces Options. In either case, the automatic Stratigraphy modeling may not produce the model you wish, especially if control is sparse for the lower units. In that case, you can build your model manually using additional control points created from the thicknesses of each unit in the Utilities datasheet, and Utilities Grid | Math to subtract the thickness from the top unit to get the top of the underlying unit. You are welcome to create a backup of the project with the Borehole Manager File | Backup Database menu command and send the ZIP file to [email protected] Include your RwGrd files in the ZIP file. Larger files may be uploaded to rockware.com/upload or you may send a link to your DropBox, Google Drive, or other shared folder. Regards, Tom B
  6. Hi Vincent, Use the Borehole Manager File | Transfer | Stratigraphy to Utilities Datasheet menu to transfer Stratigraphy elevations to the Utilities Datasheet. Add 0's to the missing Stratigraphy columns that you want to calculate. Choose the Utilities Grid | Statistics | Residuals menu to calculate the values for the desired Stratigraphy. Copy the Predicted values to the Stratigraphy unit column. Choose the Utilities File | Transfer | Stratigraphy to Borehole Manager menu to copy the values back to the Borehole Manager database. If the base of the overlying unit is equal to the top of the underlying unit, you can copy the elevation or depth value to that cell corresponding to the base of that unit. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc.
  7. Hi Craig SS, The "offset" grids are created when you "Explode" the Stratigraphy model display in 3D. The "Expode" option offsets the grids vertically. Regards, Tom B
  8. Hi Vincent, Use the Location Table | Optional Fields button to add a field to classify your wells. After you add the well types, you can turn on and off the different types of wells for cross-sections and modeling with the View | Filter Boreholes menu. Regards, Tom B RockWorks Inc
  9. Hi Mirabel, RockWorks needs the following data in the Location table: unique Borehole Name, Easting, Northing, Elevation, and Total Depth. In the Lithology table, enter the Borehole Name, Depth1, Depth2, and Lithology unit. In the Lithology Types Table, enter the Lithology unit name, a unique numeric value for each unit, and the foreground pattern and background color. Specify unique background colors for 3D plotting. Here's a link to a video playlist that shows the videos in order. It shows how to mport data from Excel, and create striplogs. You could also type in the data manually in Borehole Manager. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  10. Hi Vincent, To make a larger grid without smoothing, export the existing RwGrd to an XYZ file, then regrid with the new grid dimensions. Use the Closest Point gridding method and set the Max Distance to the grid node spacing. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  11. Hi Vincent, When creating a Stratigraphy model in RockWorks 17, enable the Constraining Surface option and specify the ground surface RwGrd file. Both grids must have the same min max XY and same XY spacing. Specify the Truncation Type as Truncate Units Above Ground Surface. This option will truncate all units in the model. Turn off the option to Replace Top Surface with Ground Surface. Another method is to use the Utilities Grid | Filter | Limit menu to truncate one surface with the ground surface. I cannot tell what the vertical lines are in your graphic. You are welcome to send your Rw2D file with the section or profile to [email protected] It may also be helpful to see your menu settings, please include a backup of your project created with the Borehole Manager File | Backup Database menu command. Larger files may be uploaded to https://rockware.com/upload/ Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  12. Hi haga2000, Great idea to name and number the LogView tabs. I'll add your request to the suggestion file. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  13. Hi haga2000, LogPlot is not designed to show multiple logs on the same page. I recommend the RockWorks software for this task. RockWorks can create cross-sections, and profiles from multiple logs. It can import LogPlot data files. Download a free trial version of RockWorks to test these features with your data. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  14. Hi Edward, Use the latest version of RockWorks to get this feature. Old versions did not have this feature. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  15. Hi Craig, Both I-Data #1 and I-Data #2 are both set to Brightness under the Track option. Change one to Density to resolve the problem. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  16. TomB


    Hi Tiago, RockWorks can read LogPlot data files directly. RockWorks prompts for the target location of data that it does not recognize. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  17. I'm glad you found a solution. Thanks for letting me know. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  18. In RockWorks 17, change the color of the fracture disks in the Fractures table, by double-clicking on the cell in the Color column or click on the button with the 3 dots [...] to display the Color picker. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  19. Hi Tiago, LogPlot 7 does not change the character assigned to the period or point "." on the numeric keypad. You may be able to change the period to a comma with the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22339 Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  20. Hi Dicranurs, To plot a borehole location map in the Borehole Manager tab, choose the Map | Borehole Locations menu. To transfer borehole data to the utilities data sheet, click on the Borehole Manager tab and choose the File | Transfer | Locations -> Utilities Datasheet menu. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  21. TomB

    Importing excel

    Hi Archana, I cannot duplicate the problem with our files. You are welcome to send your files and a description of the procedure that you perform to [email protected], and I will follow your description to reproduce the problem. Include the LDFX, DAT, and Excel files. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  22. Hi Kahn, It looks like you are modeling the LNAPL surface floating on top of the groundwater surface. In areas where the LNAPL is absent, RockWorks searches the entire project area for data. To restrict the LNAPL surface to the area that has data, model it separately and specify a Max Distance filter in the Additional Options section of the Gridding Options menu. Another option is to use Polygon Clipping to clip the RwGrd file to the inside of a polygon. Create a Polygon Table with the XY coordinates of the polygon boundary, then choose the Utilities Grid | Filters | Polygon Clip menu to clip the LNAPL grid. You could also try a different modeling algorithm, such as Triangulation, that restricts the surface to the convex hull surrounding the data. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  23. Hi David, Copying orientation data to the zero depth is useful for your data, but this procedure may introduce errors for other sources of orientation data. I will add your request for this option to the suggestion file. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  24. Hi Kahn, Use the Aquifers | Model menu command in the Borehole Manager to plot the aquifers as surfaces. Save the RockPlot3D .Rw3D file, then append the Lithology fence diagram. You may want to turn off the sides and bases of each aquifer to make the diagram less cluttered. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  25. With the September 2019 update to RockWorks 17 and LogPlot 8, the Network versions now require version 1.09 or higher of the RockWare License Manager. If you get this error, contact [email protected] to get the download link for the current version. The graphic below applies to RockWorks17, but the error occurs with both LogPlot8 and RockWorks17. Warning! Could not obtain network license from server for RockWorks17. Message The License server must be at least version 1.09, current version is 1.0x If you have any questions, contact [email protected] Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
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