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  1. Interval Data Plots on Strip Logs

    Hi Earl, The current version of RockWorks limits the precision to 6 decimal places, so you may need to multiply your values by a factor to have them fall in this range. For example, you could multiply by 1000 to convert permeability from darcys to millidarcys or by 1,000,000 to display "microdarcys" as the units. Programming says that they will add the ability for more than 6 decimal places in a future version. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  2. RockWorks 17 Faults

    Hi Earl, I'm glad that you were able to resolve the problem. Thanks for letting us know. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  3. RockWorks 17 - Isopach is Blank

    Hi RockLover, I'll need to look at your project and get a list of the menu settings you select to create an isopach map. Backup your project with the File | Backup Database command and send the ZIP file to support at rockware.com. Larger files may be uploaded to http://rockware.com/upload/ or shared via your Dropbox, Google Drive or other. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  4. Hi RockLover, RockWorks maps the columns in the Excel Lithology sheet to the Lithology table in RockWorks based on the column names. It can map the column named Lithology or Keyword automatically, but your Excel file has the column header named Simple Lithology, so it isn't imported. Either rename the column header in your Excel sheet, or remap the columns in the Excel import dialog box. Select the Lithology table on the Block Selection tab of the import dialog box, and click the Show Block Mapping button to match the Simple Lithology column to the Keyword field. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  5. Hi khanbhos, Sorry you are getting an error. Backup your project with the Borehole Manager File | Backup Database menu command and send the ZIP file to [email protected] and we'll take a look. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  6. RockWorks 17 Faults

    Hi Earl, You may need to move the fault. I found two wells north of the fault that have the C 2_2 unit present. Thicknesses are 54.3 and 78.0. One way to handle zero thickness Stratigraphy units is to add the unit with the same top and base depth into the wells where the unit is absent. When you create a Stratigraphy model, you can automatically null out the unit when it gets below a specified thickness. See the help topic titled Missing Formations. The Borehole Manager has the ability to insert missing formations with the Striplogs | Fill In Missing Stratigraphy menu command. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  7. RockWorks 17 Faults

    Hi Earl, It looks like the northern third of the map consists of a down-dropped fault block. You may need to turn on the display of fault polylines in the Diagram Options menu item on the left side of the menu. If this procedure does not resolve the problem, backup your project with the File | Backup Database menu command and send me the ZIP file. Files between 10MB and 130 MB can be uploaded to http://rockware.com/upload/ . Larger files can be shared via your Google Drive, Dropbox, or other option. Include a copy of your RwGrd used to create the contour map and I will take a look. Regards, Tom B
  8. DEM and XYZ Temperature data

    Hi Nikos, One way to model your data is to use the Utilities gridding and solid modeling menus. Choose the Utilities Map | Grid-Based Map menu to grid the DTM XYZ. Choose the Utilities Solid | Model menu to create a solid model of the XYZ temperature data. Choose the Utilities Solid | Filters | Grid Filters | One Bounding Grid menu to filter the model with the DTM grid and replace the nodes above ground with NULL. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  9. Plot Correlations

    Hi Pat, Turn off the option to "Create Pinchouts Within Linear Correlations" on the right side of the menu for Striplogs | 2D | Section pane to remove the pinchouts. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  10. Some customers have reported getting an Excel error: Call rejected by callee when imported or exporting files. Possible causes include: Norton Antivirus plug-in for Microsoft Office. Unplug from the network and deactivate the plugin. Unregistered or unactivated Excel. Run Excel to register and activate it with the Windows Registry . "Automation Server Busy" if there is a dialog open in Excel or a calculation is in progress. Try again later. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  11. DEM

    Hi Edward and Nikos, Thank you for your comments about RockWorks gridding algorithms. Edward: Please send your data and gridding settings in RockWorks, Surfer, and ArcGIS to [email protected] and we will be happy to pursue your request further. Include graphic examples of the contour maps with annotation indicating what you would like to change. Nikos: I agree with your comments stating that each dataset has unique requirements for choosing gridding algorithms and settings. The user should use their information about the project to choose the right interpretation. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  12. Creating a new project

    Hi Allison, The easiest way to use a RockWorks 17 project in RockWorks 16 is to export the project to an Excel file, then import it into RockWorks 16. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  13. DEM

    Hi NikosSp, To use your XYZ DEM data in your project, choose the Utilities Map | Grid-Based Map to create a RockWorks Grid file (.RwGrd). This file can be plotted on cross-sections to illustrate the ground surface and used to constrain the upper surface of a Stratigraphy model (Stratigraphy | Model | Interpolate Surfaces Options | Constraining Surface) or Lithology model (Lithology | Model | Additional Options | Superface. To combine borehole Stratigraphy information with your datasheet, choose the Borehole Manager File | Transfer menu. Create a RockWorks grid for each surface with the Map | Grid-Based Map menu. Use the Stratigraphy naming convention (formation_TOP, formation_BASE) to add them to a Stratigraphy model. To combine borehole Lithology data with your datasheet, choose the Borehole Manager File | Export | Lithology Data -> Utilities Datasheet menu. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc
  14. Access Violation

    Hi Tom J, RockWare will often generate a bug report when it encounters an error condition. If you are prompted, click the Report Error / Restart button, save the bug report, and send it to us at [email protected] Regards, Tom Bresnahan RockWare Inc
  15. Rockworks17 Installation

    Hi Mohammed, I will contact you by email with a solution. Regards, Tom B RockWare Inc