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  1. Convert 360 to 180

    Input: well surface locations and bottom hole locations, in x y coordinates, where grid north is essentially UTM grid north for this zone I used the Linears > Lineation Properties menu to generate wellbore azimuths and the horizontal distance between the surface and bottom hole locations. Azimuths are from 0-360 degrees. I want to convert the 0-360 degrees data to 0-180 degrees data. I'm trying to do a statistical comparison, a multilinear regression, using hydrocarbon production as the independent variable and azimuth and horizontal wellbore length as the dependent variables. I consider a well drilled from north to south the same as one drilled from south to north, so I need to convert the azimuths to 0-180 degrees. Is there a tool to easily accomplish this in Rockware Utilities?