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  1. I just started using Rockware and I'm trying to come up with a 3D model of interbedded alluvial sediments (showing clay, sand, and gravel layers) overlying bedrock consisting of interbedded shales and sandstone. My only problem is that when I use a standard lithology model, it interprets some areas to have alluvial sediment underneath bedrock (see attached cross section near surface left of MW-9-03 where gravel is underlying sandstone). I understand why the program is doing this and from what I understand, there is no way to tell the software to only show the alluvial sediment above the bedrock in the lithology model and I can't show repeating beds in a stratigraphy model. So, my solution has been to make a stratigraphy model of the alluvium (combining all sediments into one unit) overlying the bedrock (combining interbedded shale and sandstone into one unit); then use the grid surface generated in the stratigraphy model that separates the alluvium from the bedrock as a boundary between a separate lithology model for the alluvium and a separate lithology model for the bedrock; then combine the two separate lithology models. My first question is if I'm going about this the right way or if I'm making it harder than it should be? My second question is if you can make the two separate lithology models in the same project or if you have to have a separate project to create each lithology model. I don't see any way to tell the program to disregard certain lithologies that I have already entered into the borehole manager so it seems like I would have to have two separate projects; one with the alluvial sediments and one with the shale and sandstone. Thanks
  2. Multi-interval data entry tab problem

    I've just started using this program and I'm having trouble with the Multi-Interval data entry tab. After I set the column headings, save the data entry form, and close it, the column headings reset themselves to different headings when I reopen the form. The data I entered in the columns is still there and in the same order, only the headings change. So, every time I open a data entry form that I have already completed and want to compile a log, I have to reset the column headings in the Multi-Interval data entry tab (very annoying). I've tried it multiple times; every time it does the same thing. It seems like a glitch or something and I've updated to the most current version. Anyone else have this problem or know if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks,