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  1. Dear Sirs, I would like to reconstruct the anthropic backfill bottom surface in an urban area by using kriging with external drift technique (the external drift is the DTM 20x20m of the area), it is possible by using rockworks?If I will send the data could you help me? best regards Giancarlo Ciotoli
  2. Dear Sirs, I have introduced a lot of borehole stratigraphy in the borehole manager. From the Map menĂ¹ I have ask to cnstruct the borehole location map, but the message "CAN'T ALLOCATE THE DIB HANDLE" appears. What does it mean? Best regards Giancarlo
  3. Dear Sirs please, I would like to know if in the borehole manager tabs there is the possibility to add information (i.e. top and bottom) of the probable aquifer or aquifers layers in order to construct section of the layers hosting the aquifers. Otherwise, have I to add this information in the lithology or stratigraphy tabs? many thanks Giancarlo Ciotoli
  4. Dear Sirs, I tried to construct a lithology profile by using 22 wells for which I have edited only Location, Lithology and water levels. Probably, my problem is caused by the fact that I am novice in using RW to construct lithology model. I would like to know: in the window lithology profile options which command have I to select: create new model or use existing model? In both cases a message occurs: The file Grid Model: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Documenti\RockWorks14\Samples\Superface01.grd does not exist. Please, could you help me? Thanks Best regards Giancarlo C
  5. Dear Sirs, I have digitized two polylines at different heights, I would like to construct a plane intersecting these two polylines. How I can do it? I have exported points as ascii file and then I have imported this file in the RW worksheet. Then I tried with the command Planes - Import - Polyline to Plane, but it seems not working yet. Any suggestion are appreciated Best regards Gianca
  6. Dear Sirs, I would like to create a 3D block model of fractures, it is possible by using some tools of rockworks? Example, I have a block of rock with fractures oriented in different direction. I will cut this block in different horizontal slices (x-y plane) to highlight if the fractures shift in the horizontal plane in the different slices. So I have some layers with the orientation of fractures. My goal is to combine them in a 3D model, it is possible? Thank you Best regards Giancarlo
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