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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to input CO2 at varying fugacities in SPEC_E8, and have it adjust for the pH difference. Say I have a solution at pH 7 originally and want to add 1 atm of CO2 to the solution, can it determine what the resultant pH will be and display the saturation indecies with respec tot the changing pH. Thanks Alex I am running version 6.0.5
  2. Hi, I need to add CO2(g) to a solution at 1 atm, 2 atm and 3 atm. How would I set this up using SpecE8. I have a starting pH of 6.7 and want to see how chaning the CO2(g) fugacity will influence my saturation states. I am running SpecE8 6.0.5 with thermo.dat. Thanks Alex
  3. Hi I am working on modelling well water, and need to adjust the solution pressure to 1000-1500 psi to simulate conditions at the pump. Is there a way to do this using SpecE8, thank you. Alex Janssen I am using thermo.dat and running specE8 version 6.0.5.
  4. I am using version 6.0.5. and i think its may be that I am not using thermo.dat, instead i am using thermo.com.v8.r6+.dat as i needed Molybdenum species in my diagrams. thanks
  5. This is the code I used. I ran the 25°C test first then the 26 after, but any temperature other than 25 seems to give the same result. Act2> T = 25 Act2> diagram Pyrite on Eh vs pH Act2> x frp, 0 to 14 Act2> x from 0 to 14 Act2> y from -1 to 1 Act2> a Pyrite 1 Act2> go Act2> Act2> T = 26 Act2> go Act2>
  6. Hi, I found a problem when looking at pyrite species in Act2. At 25°C, there seems to be no issue, but as soon as i change to a different temperature, higher or lower, by any amount, even 1°C, the diagram turns from 2 species, to just pyrite. If anyone could explain why this is happening it would be appreciated. Thanks Alex
  7. Does anyone have, or know of a database containing Moly, that will work with GWB v 6. I have not been able to find one that works with GWB online that contains moly. any help would be greatly appreciated. Alex
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