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  1. Error

    HI, I really getting hard time this days but never though it will be like this, Whenever start to select any action (plot litho, map points, ... etc even set a boundry of the project ,,), I get several error messages which lead to not responding function at the end!! Pls your advise and help. Best regards, Suleiman
  2. Error

    ooops' forget to mention I'm using Rockwork 14. Suleiman
  3. Litho plot - (grid error)

    Hi thier, As i m still new with rock works i tried to log litho but i have problem with define the height of my log, with width there no problem the vertical colum is gives me little work. Pls also i get error message while i test to plot litho profile this as " could not find Rockwork\ Sample\ *.grid file or ...etc . Best Regards