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  1. Error

    ooops' forget to mention I'm using Rockwork 14. Suleiman
  2. Error

    HI, I really getting hard time this days but never though it will be like this, Whenever start to select any action (plot litho, map points, ... etc even set a boundry of the project ,,), I get several error messages which lead to not responding function at the end!! Pls your advise and help. Best regards, Suleiman
  3. Litho plot - (grid error)

    Hi thier, As i m still new with rock works i tried to log litho but i have problem with define the height of my log, with width there no problem the vertical colum is gives me little work. Pls also i get error message while i test to plot litho profile this as " could not find Rockwork\ Sample\ *.grid file or ...etc . Best Regards