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  1. I want to create a stratigraphy model of an area in which a series of faults has been identified. How can we import these faults in case that they are not vertical but inclined?
  2. I have a database from ArcGIS that contains the elevation contours of an area. It was created by importing the XYZ values and setting a 20 meters interval for the contouring. I have imported the dbf file in the Utilities and the data are set in two columns,one with ID header and one with Contour header. How can I create the surface grid in Rockworks from the imported dbf file? From ArcGIS apart from the dbf file there are two shape files and a .prj file exported.
  3. I want to calculate the volume of excavated ore in a gypsum-anhydrite mine. I have created the surface topography grid as well as the expected topography at the end of the mining operations. Which tool should I use to calculate the ore that lies between the two surfaces? I have enough borehole data to create solid models but I don't know what type of model is best to use.Any ideas?
  4. I have been trying to model an area that consists of 3 separate geological units. These units, from depth to top, are the metamorphic basement (named as Ypovathro at the stratigraphy legend) the unit of Viannos a sedimentary unit consisting of marls and sandstones with average thickness of 600 meters and finally the unit of Sxoinias a second sedimentary sequence of thick marls and sandstones. The data we had on hand were 7 boreholes of average depth of 1000meters and 6 Vertical Electric Soundings. From field observations we know that the basement unit appears on the surface at the northwest part of the study area. The unit of Sxoinias appears mostly at the East side of the study area and the unit of Viannos appears also on the surface at a large scale of the area. The first model was created with a baseplate at -600 meters which was the deepest depth the boreholes reached.Onlap was turned on. The initial stratigraphy model failed to show the basement as it appears in the northwest part. The next model was created with onlap off and showed the basement at the expected areas. The next step was to create a stratigraphy model with the topography of the area. I followed the steps as described in the case study of Modelling Pinch outs and steep topography, but the model that occurred failed to interpret correct the succession of the formations at depth,especially between Viannos unit and Sxoinias unit. Also the basement appears at the observed area at the north west but in smaller scale than expected. An hint on how i could deal with this problem ?? Thanks in advance, George P.S I tried to upload an image of the model so you could see the problems i refer to,but it failed repeatedly.
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