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  1. Plotting P-data in Stip logs

    The column heading did show PID. I just closed the application and reopened it. The column heading was missing after I reopened the application. I reset the column name and now everything works OK. For some reason the column heading showed the headings for the previous project instead of displaying a blank in the new project. Thanks for the help.
  2. Plotting P-data in Stip logs

    Hello - I recently upgraded to the 10/13 release of RW2004. I typically enter PID readings from my boreholes into the P-Data tab, and then plot the PID readings as a curve on my strip logs. I created a new project today with several boreholes, but I can't get the curves to plot. If I go to an older project, the curves still plot OK. In my new project, I can't select a track to plot in the curve. The list of available tracks is blank, even though I have data entered into the P-data tab for several of the boreholes. Is this a problem with my particular project, or is it a problem with the latest upgrade? Thanks, Brett