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  1. I have been using LogPlot 2003 for about a year now and am wondering why I should upgrade. Are there new features? Is it much easier to use? I know that Molly or Tofer will probably have some input, but I would also really appreciate some input from someone unaffiliated with Rockware. No offence guys!
  2. Yes, I have changed and updated a lot of things. I reinstalled the latest version of Rockworks too. I finally tracked it down. I had just installed the latest version of the free Autodesk DWF writer. It is supposed to take an openGL 3D model and convert it into the 3D DWF file. I was trying to see if I could get my Rockplot 3D model into that format because I like the controls of the DWF viewer. There is definately a conflict between your two programs because the error went away after I uninstalled their program. Thanks Mitch
  3. I just installed the latest Rockworks 2004 last week and just now tried to use the Rockplot 3D program. It won't start at all. I get a message window that says "RkPlot3D.exe - Fatal Application to memory location Invalid access to memory location."
  4. Just a follow up, I have completed the fake fence diagram using existing cross-sections. First I erased all the hatching because hatching just didn’t present well when I used the transparency option. Then I saved each x-section as a Jpeg and opened up a free photo editing program, painted the rock formations, touched up a few spots, and then cropped them at each well to form jpeg panels. Each panel was set to the same top and bottom elevation so they would match up. Then, I entered the well coordinates on the datasheet. Then I floated the aerial photo beneath it. Now that I know how to do
  5. I have an existing geologic cross section, generated in AutoCad, which goes from well to well. I would try to use the Grafix/3D Utilities/Images/Panels/vertical to stick the image on the base map, but it wouldn't look right because I would need it to bend at each well. Wouldn't it be an easy change for the next Rockware upgrade to modify the 3D Perimeter option to also allow a JPG file instead of a just a color to fill the fence-like perimeter?
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