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  1. Hi Ashley, Thank you for your post. Please see the developer's response below: "If you want to have the same colors used in all documents, you need to load the color scheme into a blank document, and save that document in place of the DG Stationery file in the DeltaGraph folder. And charts loaded from a library (or created from the Chart Gallery) have always used the document's color scheme, not the one used when the chart library was created. DeltaGraph has worked this way since at least version 4.5, which is as old a version as I can run." Let me know if this helps and we'll go from there. Kind Regards, Jeremy RockWare, Inc.
  2. Hi DrMaphuse, What version specifically of DeltaGraph 6 are you using? It might need to be updated and you can do that from within the program. Also, do you have the latest version of QuickTime? You will also need that for Windows to run DeltaGraph 6. May I ask for the file in question that you are using? Jeremy RockWare, Inc.
  3. Dear Nikolom, Thank you for your posting. All DeltaGraph upgrades are handled by the developing company, Red Rock Software. They can be contacted at 801-322-4322 ext. 107 or 888-689-3038 or email [email protected] I'm not sure if they are going to have you try and transfer the software to a new media device or if they will be able to provide you with program itself for that version, but your best bet would definately be to contact Red Rock. Please let me know if I can provide anymore information or if anything else comes up and have a good one. Kind Regards, Jeremy Doyle Rockware, Inc. 2221 East Street, Suite 101 Golden, CO 80401 ph: 303-278-3534 ext. 114 fax: 303-278-4099 email: [email protected]
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