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  1. Is there a way of showing boreholes in which a particular type of sediment is present. I am working on a large set of boreholes (c.580) some of which contain peat that is defined as separate units in the lithology table. Is there any way that I can get the software to show me the distribution of those holes with peat (or any other lithology type) on top of say a surface of an underlying stratigraphic unit. Secondly this data set has been divided into 9 stratigraphic units for correlation. Can I create solid models that for example only show the oldest stratigraphic unit or show only the 3
  2. No I'm afraid that I have not found an easy way and just trial and error with each individual illustration. It seems to me that if they can alter the program to use standard measurements in mm/cm then a lot of time would not be wasted trying to get illustrations out. martin
  3. yes I see that but when I select it there is nothing on the drop down menu that allows me to turn the correlction on or off. correlate
  4. I've just started using Rockworks 2004 and am having difficulty with the striplogs section. In Rockworks 2002 Striplogs - Hole to hole section allowed the option of correlating the strip logs. In the 2004 version it appears this option has been removed of am I just being dim. thanks martin
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