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  1. Hi, I just wondering whether the feature above has been added i.e. the ability to add lithology fence diagrams etc to the background when using the Stratigraphy> pick contact tool? I'm about to try the demo for Rockworks 15 Thanks, Simon
  2. Hi, I'm trying to optimise a groundwater level monitoring network using Kriging. I'm new to geostats so have some really simple questions. My first question are: 1) when determining the semivariogram model parameters to use for kriging groundwater levels does the data have to be normally distributed? 2) If there is spatial trends do I have to detrend or transform the data? Thanks for your help Simon
  3. Hi I have created a 3D surface of my study area using surfer and I want to add cross sections created from Rockworks to this figure. Does anybody no how to do this in surfer? Cheers, Simon
  4. I think I already know the answer to this but thought I'd put it out there just in case I am wrong. Is it possible to overlay or drape georeferenced image files such as satellite imagery over grid based maps such as contour maps and shaded relief maps etc? I have surfer 8.0 and I don;t think you can do this BUT i think it is now possible in surfer 9.0? Thanks Simon
  5. Thanks Alison, that's exactly what I was meaning but you explained it better. I look forward to the new additions. Cheers, Simon
  6. I work as a hydrogeologist and like to use the Lithology tools (section and profiles) to help identify hydrogeologic units (confing layers and aquifers). Once I have plotted my profiles and sections I look for patterns in the lithology to help identify my confining layers and aquifers. From this I determine my stratigraphy units. Is it possible to use sections and profiles made from Lithology, I and P data with the Pick contacts tool? Thanks, Simon
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