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    Geological and geotechnical engineering, particularly slope stability in the tropics and for open cut mines.
  1. In file manager is there a way to sort the list of *.dat files? When I open a project I find that my borehole *.dat files are listed in a seemingly random order and there is no way to sort them into numerical order.
  2. Hi, Sometimes things get forgotten as the years roll by. I'd like to repeat two wish list items from early 2006. (1) Keyboard shortcuts, gosh I miss them. Mitch said this was harder to implement than he initially thought. However, that does not make them any less desirable. The hours "Alt Insert Row" implemented as Alt+I+R would save brings a tear to my eye. (2) A request made by Berten Smekens, also in 2006, for a simple undo button. Ctrl+Z will do just fine thank you. I would like to say how useful the "units per page" tool is, that was introduced in version 7, when printing out logs . I used to spend hours fiddling the paper size printing logs and checking if there was any slippage over 30 or 40 pages. Now it is just select 10m per page, 20cm for the body of the log and every time I get perfectly scaled logs. Allowing comments in the lithology description column has proven to be a very useful improvement too. I look forward to the next version. Thank you.
  3. A useful option in the LogPlot histogram options is the ability to specify a value based colour gradation scheme. This feature could be enhanced if one could specify specific colours for nominated ranges of values. As an example Deere (1968) gave a five step classification for RQD values ranging from 0-20% very poor to 90-100% excellent. I will often colour code those classifications in plots that I prepare as single colours viz Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue. At the moment I have to do that outside of LogPlot and my suggestion is to implement it within LogPlot. You will note that the RQD value range for the very poor classification is 20% and for the excellent classification is 10%. For that reason if this option were implemented the user should be able to specify individual ranges of values and associated colours or RGB value. Regards, Paul Maconochie GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd Brisbane, Australia
  4. In addition to the useful histogram options LogPlot already has, it would be good to be able to specify either a right hand or left origin axis. My specific application is for geotechnical logs. To emphasise zones of poor quality rock people have logged estimated rock strength and RQD (or fracture frequency) as two histograms next to each other. Typically rock strength is on the left hand side and the scale starts from the right and goes from high to low so that the weakest rock has the longest histogram bars and the strongest rock has the shortest bars. On the right side RQD starts from the left hand side and the histogram bars are shortest for an RQD of 100% and longest for an RQD of 0%. Thus for a zone of weak, highly fractured rock you would have you maximum length histogram bars that extend to the left and to the right from a central axis. This immediately attracts the eye of anybody scanning the drillhole logs to the area of greatest geotechnical interest. Strength/Fracture data was commonly presented this way when logs were hand drawn. Early computer logging packages did not have this facility available so this way of presenting the data became less common (but no less useful). Some logging packages such as Earthworks Explorer and high end mining packages such as MineSight do provide you with the options to present histograms in the way I have described. Paul Maconochie GeoTek Solutions Pty Ltd
  5. For the next update, I would really appreciate some additional keyboard shortcuts to be assigned to the menu items; particularly for the Edit>Rows submenu. Too often I find myself going for the Excel "Alt Insert Row" key combo. When editing logging data I find it slows down my work flow to go back and forth between mouse and keyboard and given that it is essentially tables of data that we enter, the keyboard is a better tool for data entry than the mouse. Any other support out there?
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