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  1. Open Office Calc

    Will you be adding, at any point, the option to export data to the calc (open office spreadsheet) program? Instead of having to use Excel. Thanks Terry
  2. Operations Manager

    Toledo Mudlogging Services



    FAX: 590-9754

  3. I can open my data file and compile it with no problems. I set up a batch compile file, when I execute the batch compile I get an error: "Floating Point Overflow - processing Lithology Percent" This error does not occur when using the same files as the batch compile but doing it manually? Thanks Terry W. Young
  4. From Mitch - Solution to problem Found the problem and it has to do with the placeholders ("?") that were being used in LP2001. The data editor handles them properly but the batch compiler doesn't in the Percent section. The fix in 2001 is to replace the ?'s with 0's in the Percent table.
  5. I will send them tonight from the rig. Thanks Terry