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  1. I haven't had cause to use GIS link since migrating from ArcGIS 9 to 10. I have just upgraded to GIS Link 2_10, and everything appears to install OK, but I don't see the Rockware toolbar in ArcMap 10. Any suggestions please?
  2. Thanks Mitch - should be a fairly straightforward procedure, but will be very useful and time-saving.
  3. male beast

    keyword check

    Is there any utility to check the presence of invalid or undefined keywords in a data file prior to compiling a striplog? This would be immensely useful particularly for deep coreholes which are logged in great detail.
  4. At the conclusion of compiling a stratigraphy model in RW15 I constantly receive the message "ERROR READING untitled.r3dxml - floating point overflow. This occurs no matter how many wells I include in the dataset
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