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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. I am running v (build 82) this morning. Same issue. The error only seems to occur upon entering either upper or lower case "g" and if entering into the data cell by selecting it or moving to it with arrow keys. If I double click to open the cell or if I use F2 to switch to "edit" the cell, the "g" enters normally. Thanks for supporting this forum. I attempted to upload my *.ldfx file and a *.dat file but received an error message indicating I was not permitted to upload files of this type. Bob
  2. While entering text in various fields of different tabs in my Data Editor (based upon a personal design template) I find that if my first keystroke is the letter "G" (upper or lower case) the screen automatically shifts returns to one specific tab in my Data Editor. Anyone else seen this problem? My workaround is to first type another letter in the data field then delete that letter after I've typed m text.