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  1. Hi, I have several graphs prepared by Scattergram. I wanted to know if the RockWorks has the capability to put them all together in A3 sheet for the report. Something like picture below. Thank you very much. Best regards, Ali
  2. Hi Alison, I am trying to prepare a Scattergram graph based on my data in the Datasheet. The Y axis is depth and should start from zero at the top, but I assume there is no option to reverse the axis. Please look at the below image. Thank you very much. Best regards, Ali
  3. Hi, I am preparing a graph and the Y axis is depth, however I am not able to reverse the axis order to reflect the depth. I want to reverse the y axis in order to show the maximum value at the bottom and minimum at the top. It seems that the RockWorks does not have such option. I was wondering if you could guide me on this matter. Thank you very much. Ali
  4. Hi mate, Thanks for your efforts. It is working. We send them to the client waiting for their comments. I gonna be on site again from tomorrow for two weeks. Thanks again. Best regards, Ali
  5. Hi mate, I am still on site. Will coming back next week and let you know. Thanks Ali
  6. Hi Mate, I gonna be on site today. I will be installing the new version as soon as I could. Let you know the results. Thank you very much. Best regards Ali
  7. Hi Jim, Thank you very much. I sent you our SQLite database. Best regards, Ali
  8. Hi Jim, Thank you very much. Regarding the SQL database, please let me know how can I get it to send you. Regarding the last question in the PDF, Please note Leadfrog doesn’t need the column titles (e.g. could have different titles and would still work, or no titles). But we do need to know which columns are which – so they can be assigned to the correct element during the Import – but as long as we know the order of the columns then that is fine. Best regards, Ali
  9. Hi Jim, Unfortunately it did not work and got the following error. The spreadsheets of lithology, Location and Pdata were built in the folder but they are empty. In addition, could you also please add stratigraphy spreadsheet? We are contacting our client (who needs the leapfrog input) asking how to include the stratigraphy in the leapfrog. Thank you very much. Best regards, Ali
  10. Thank you very much. Ali
  11. I am not sure Jim. Will ask and let you know. Thanks Ali
  12. Hi Jim, Version 2022.7.17. Thanks Ali
  13. Hi Jim, Thank you very much. I tried to output the data but I got the error below. Please advise me how can I solve the problem. Best regards, Ali
  14. Hi Jim, Please note the following responding to your questions: 1 - Let's use the DipAngle and Azimuth at the collar and assume that the boreholes are all straight lines. We seldom do directional drilling. 2 - I’ll need to check, but assume there will be. 3 - LF already can deal with LAS file directly, so if you have LAS files from your work, it can suck them in…. my point here was around outputs from CPTs (not sure sorry what format these are in) e.g. if you wanted to show a CPT strength with depth graph for instance, this can be shown also within LF. The LAS format will come straight in, but there are other standard LF formats for downhole testing data, which is basically (HoleID, Depth of Variable, and Variable Value – as a csv). Thank you very much. Best regards. Ali
  15. Hi, Is there any way to adjust the location of the borehole titles in a plan view (Horizontally) when you are in the 3D Striplogs? Thank you very much. Ali
  16. Hi Jim, Thank you very much for your reply. Attached please find 2 files that can be used as an input for Leap Frog, in addition for the downhole data LAS can be used. Best regards, Ali 1_DummyLabel_Collar.csv 2_DummyLabel_Lith.csv
  17. Thank you very much Jim. Best regards, Ali
  18. Hi, Just have a question, when I am trying to input the grid data (as custom file) into the RockWorks the colour of the font turned to red (as can be seen in the photo), but it works and I input the data successfully. Is there any problem there? Thank you very much. Ali
  19. Thank you very much Jim. Best regards, Ali
  20. Hi, I have a set of data to be input to the RockWorks. The datum of the data is AGS66/AMG 55, but I can not find this datum in the RockWorks database. Would you please help me how can I add or convert my data to the RockWorks with correct datum. Thank you very much.
  21. Hi, I just wanted to know if we can export the data from Rockworks to leapfrog. Thank you very much.
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