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  1. Hello paul I have used the elevation extracted from ALLOS PALSAR TR1 (12.5mresolution). my study area is very rugded topographically and have a large range of elevation difference. may be is that the cause? if so how can I manage it? if necessary you can check the excel below. BH Data.xlsx
  2. Hello everyone! Can anyone help me please! My 3D hydrostartigrahic model didn't include all the borehole logs (meaning some borehole are outside the model) as indicated in the attached image. The result is also not representative compared to the real exposure that might be due to this effect. I am using rockworks 17 for additional information. Thanks
  3. Hello I am working a geological model in a complex geology and very rugged topography using rockwork 17. when I did the stratigraphic cross-section the striplog are displayed in a wrong position and even I can't find a representative 3D stratigraphic model. can anyone help me please. To make it clear I put a snapshoot image below! Thanks
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