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  1. I can't seem to find an answer to the question on the form, but it seems it has to have been asked before... kind of newbie question. How do share a copy of my rockworks project and it's files with someone else so they can open it on their computer using rockworks?
  2. I am trying to import a TIFF raster generated in ArcGIS to RockWorks as my ground surface. I keep getting the error "Invalid XY units - Undefined". I have checked that the xy extent of my TIFF encloses my project extent. The TIFF and project are in the same datum and units. I have adjusted several raster export settings in ArcGIS and generated several files with different settings (good ol' trial and error) and get the same error. Can you please tell me what else could specifically triggers this error?
  3. Hello, I am a new user and new to this forum. I have done a little research towards building my first groundwater model. I have been planning to build a solid lithologic model in RockWorks then exporting that information so it can be used in MODFLOW. Previous versions of RockWorks seemed set up for this through the Groundwater Vistas software. Is that method no longer supported? Is there a current recommended procedure from RockWorks to MODFLOW? Specifically, I need to build a groundwater flow/seepage model.
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